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Posted by Jeanne

I love design mags, but I rarely buy them. Magazines on books, yes. Mags on gardens and cooking, probably. My very favourite Kateigaho International Edition for Japanese arts and culture, definitely. I have to draw a line somewhere though, and I'm afraid I just can't justify buying magazines full of beautiful things I can't afford just because they look nice sitting on my coffee table.

Which is where LMNOP comes in. It's beautiful, it's Australian, it's full of super-stylish things for babies and young people and it's free to download. Yep, free. I like that. Hop over and download your copy of the just arrived Issue 9 here.

Here's a peak of some of the things I like from its pages:

DIY paper Christmas Critters by Mibo

Great gift giving ideas. I especially love the Dunlop Comic Book Print Shoe. For me, of course, not Jemimah!

Magical animal placeholders by top3

Alphabeasties - gorgeous!


Melanie said...

Oh thanks for this Jeanne! I'll be downlaoding it for sure...love the look of those paper crafts!


Pauline said...

WOW!!! Thanks for the link to this!! It looks fantastic link!! I am going to have a look at it as soon as I have a chance!! Without two young boys harrassing me!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

Pauline said...

See I can't even construct a sentence when they are around!!!

Mrs Adept said...

Oh Doh~!! See, I just knew that I should of packed the sizzix~!! I need to make some Animal Placeholders.

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