18 Nov 2009

Roses for Rose's Garden

A little something to keep you interested while I'm away (and because I can't keep away):

A digital story book!

You'll like it, I reckon. It's cute...and clever... and the way of the future... maybe... if you can predict such things...as the future I mean.

Jemimah liked it too, so it's not just me - I have corroborative evidence on this one, and I kind of need that right now.

Hey, corroborative is strengthening support, whereas collaborative is a joint effort, isn't it? If not, I'm confused and you'll need to replace the one adjective with the other.

Hmmm, do any of you like grammar as much as I do?

No? Well then , just look at Rose's Garden instead. You'll like that as much as I do...I think.

I wonder what books like this will do to a child's imagination. Charlotte Mason even disliked too many line drawings in her books - what would she say about illustrations that move?!! (Well, except for "gracious!" and other exclamatory phrases...)

Too profound for today. I'll think about the advantages and disadvantages of Digital Children's Picture Books another day... After my blog-cation.

Here's a traditional print version of Rose's Garden for the purists.


  1. lol. Would it even be safe to put the two of us in the same room?! I love your tone of gentle satire. It's not cruel but it makes me giggle. One of these days we *must* make it happen ~ the 2 of us in the same room ~ & a *DANGER: GRAMMAR NAZI BOOK FIENDS AT WORK* hanging on the door knob. The room might explode with laughter but I reckon it would be worth it!

  2. What satire? This is serious... Well...

  3. You're back and I'm excited!
    I don't love grammar as much as you do I think but certain grammatical mistakes do annoy me like saying "your back" instead of "you're back" as I just did:)
    Not sure about that digital book, I'm trying to keep Rebekah away from techno stuff a lot, but I'm afraid it's a losing battle where I'm losing....we'll have to wait and see about that one:)

  4. I, for one, shall miss you. :( Hurry back.

  5. Hi Jillian,

    I shall need to stay away in order for you to miss me!!!!! I'm not finding that easy this fine day...

  6. What's happening? What did I miss? Are you going somewhere, Jeanne? Come back, come bck! Long week ends are okay, even a few days blog break but not too long. Okay?

  7. Lol, Ruby, I'm not going anywhere actually. I just said that I would have a day or two off blogging, but I'm too addicted and so it has been pretty much business as usual around here - except that I'm not thinking about anything too profound. Deep thinking tends to have a negative affect upon me, I think. Miss Frivolous, that's me!!!!!


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