7 Nov 2009

Silent E

Oh Yippee(e)!


  1. oh - my childhood and the electric company!

  2. You know I taught this right along with phonics from the very beginning. Without it so much of English doesn't work. lol. By the time it appeared in an actual lesson plan Ditz was rolling her eyes & chanting in a bored tone, "Add an E at the end & the vowel says its name!" Smarty~pants. How was I to know she was actually paying attention?! ☺

  3. Hi Jeanne,
    It just makes sense, now doesn't it? Where were you when I started homeschooling?

  4. Hello, Jeanne,
    This is completely UNrelated to your post but to another one...the one on the study of Salvador Dali. First, how is that going? Can you let us have a peak? And also, how do you explain the nudity to her? How do you help her interpret it from a godly perspective? Thanks!



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