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Moth Orchids

Posted by Jeanne

I totally adore Phalaenopsis “Moth” Orchids. Do you?

They create a sort of calm, serene atmosphere here in our Peaceful Home with very little effort, helping me to relax and recover after the business of the day.

The two that we have in our bathroom have been flowering their little hearts out for weeks! I hope that they might relax and rejuvenate you a little too.



jeanamarie said...

they are beautiful Jeanne :) perhaps you should come redecorate for us for maximum peace and relaxation. But maybe I need the angst to work. I hope not. meh.

btw when would you like to come over and felt? we seem to be fever free now. grumpy free I can never guarantee.

(have you posted 4 times today? wowsers! you are on holiday!!!)

Jeanne said...

Do you like the way we've decorated, Jeana?

Sue said...

Those are beautiful! They make me think of a nice cool spot on a hot summer's day. I'll be needing some of those in about six or seven months!

{ jamie } said...

So pretty! I love flowers & plants but never have attempted to grow orchids -- yet. :)

Naomi de la Torre said...

Beautiful orchids. You are impressive that you manage to grow them in your home. They are tricky! Just found you on MBC and am following you now! Beautiful site. Please come visit me sometime at:

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Jeanne,
We haven't had much "luck" with growing indoor plants. Our home is a rather old one with not much natural light - the only places that have lots of natural light are the sunrooms.

Are these orchids fussy plants? They truly do sound delightful, and they are so beautiful.

Have a great week. We are on our last week of school.

Have a great week,

Ruby said...


jeanamarie said...

yes :)

your home is lovely

Veronica Lee said...

Beautiful! I love orchids.

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

joyfulmum said...

Truly beautiful! You are so good at all things gardening! I am still a novice so I dare not grow orchids yet coz I am still trying to not kill our sunflowers I planted a couple of months ago:)

Jeanne said...

So girls, phalaenopsis orchids are the easiest things to grow ever! I water them once a week, let the water drain through and that's it!

Orchids like to be planted in orchid potting mix, but that's what they'll come in when you buy one. Simply put the whole plant under the tap until the water runs through, drain and you're done!!

They like a light position but not full sun.

They love a little orchid food. We use this instead of water for their once a week water, actually. Most nurseries sell it - mix according to the pack.

They really are the easiest plants to grow!! Truly!

Sarah said...

Very beautiful! xxx

Sylvia said...

I can second Jeanne that they are very easy to grow 'cause I don't even do that much for them. I even forget to water them and they still flower amazingly. Maybe if I fed them they would do even better - next job!

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