9 Dec 2009

The Rare Book Room

...of the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh.

Where two of my great loves collide magnificently. Oh my! I, too, want to spend a night in this room! Anyone interested?


  1. Whoa!! That would almost blow your mind! The list of names of the great christians and reformers is amazing!
    You might enjoy to look at this beautiful book of metrical Psalms linked on Virginia is for Huguenots
    You can even turn the pages!

  2. Jeanne, I'd love to spend a night in this room, too. :D

  3. Hello Jeanne! This is an unrelated topic to your post but I had to ask and I could not find your email contact! BUT I was wondering if you could advise me, or point me in the right direction - I am seeking some help in deciding which novel I should read next? I have recently finished David Copperfield and A Christmas Carol by Dickens and I was thinking I would like to read another classic or even better an Australian classic. I did google it and came up with a list. Have you heard/ read A Fatal Shore? I would really love some thoughts from you- you are the GURU "O) Thanks for your time and sorry to post obsurely here!
    Blessings to you

  4. Oh, I am so there! I would love to spend a night there. We can all have a sleepover! HOwever, I don't think one night will be enough time. :)

  5. Oh my, I'm drooling on my laptop. ;^D I would love to be shut up there for at least a month with lots of strong coffee and treats. And my husband. :)

  6. Hi Jeanne,
    This is not related to your post at all! :)

    Sent you an email yest and just wanted to check you got it as we head off tomorrow and won't have access to the net for a while.



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