4 Dec 2009

Summer holidays

-There is nothing to do, Mummy. My life is empty without school. EMPTY!
Oh dear, it's going to be a long, hot summer...

...for both of us.


  1. oh dear. what will you do? poor, poor, darling Jemimah!

  2. Oh, send her here for a "White Christmas". Be sure to pack the ice skates.

    We can head to the Norman Rockwell Museum after reading "Deck the Halls."

  3. Oh, poor Jemimah - you sound just like my daughter. She ends up "doing school" through the holidays! :)

    Have a great weekend,

  4. Richele!

    She is so totally not coming to you without me coming with her!

    I want to go iceskating too - and visit the Norman Rockwell museum!

    Well actually, can I skip the iceskating and just do the poem and the museum?

  5. I'll trade places with you! I could use another summer vacation. Wait... you mean if I have a home near you and one here, I'll ALWAYS be on summer break!

    My kids get bored without school also...well...my daughter does. My son finds many other ways to entertain himself.

    Just shows what a GREAT teacher you are to have your child miss school! She is very blessed to be under the wing of you!

  6. OH! I wanted to tell you that I had considered the name Jemma for my daughter! I love the meaning...Dove! What better name is there? My husband wasn't for it so we decided on Kara. Her middle name is Joelle because it means "God is willing". However, Jemimah is so beautiful.

  7. Oh, what a little cutie!

    I have a very hard time believing that Mama Jeanne will let Jemimah be bored for long. Surely not!

  8. What a contrast to my sentiments when school holidays came around (when I was at school I mean:))
    On another note, it made me realise that I need to pack some 'school' type stuff for Rebekah on our upcoming holidays or she would be bored too!

  9. Just what I am concerned I might hear soon! Yippee. We finished for the year today.
    Cheer up Jemimah! or else Mum might find you a job! (My threat to bored children!)


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