28 Jan 2010

A Peaceful Community

The best bit of A Peaceful Day is not what I write, it's what you contribute to the discussion. I love that. I love my little community of followers.

Get that? I Love You! Yes, You!

Sometimes I wonder about you though, especially if you don't have a blog of your own. Who are you? What do you think? Do you agree with me, or do you have thoughts of your own?

On impulse this morning I added The BlogFrog to my sidebar. I like the idea of an open forum on my blog where we can talk together, and where all of you can add your bit. I like the idea of us all having a place to gather together. Maybe it is a bit arrogant of me the think that you might want to gather here, but if that is so, the experiment will be a short lived one and I'll remove the BlogFrog and crawl away to lick my wounds and hide in shame and embarrassment. Hopefully that won't happen though - my fragile ego wouldn't cope too well!!

So. Now all we can all get together.

It's all very high tech, and I haven't as yet managed to set up a header, but that'll come...or maybe it won't. We'll see. Come and join me. It's easy to do and I'm feeling lonely.

A Peaceful Community

I've kicked off the discussion with a question on what books you would recommend to a transitioning reader, but you might want to know my opinion on the best of Aussie kids' literature (yep, I have an opinion on that), or on reading twaddle (yep I'll talk about that one) or on what to have for dinner (can't help with that one, but I can't wait to read your suggestions.) Simply click on the A Peaceful Community link to start your own discussion or to comment on somebody else's (like mine, since it is the only one so far.)

I do hope this works, coz I think it'll be great. Come and join me. Please!!


  1. I'd love to chat sometime in your community! Community is one of my very favorite things about blogging, even if you did mention swimming in the comments on my post about single digits temps and having to venture out in the arctic air...

  2. Great! Do you have coffee?

  3. Espresso Coffee, Tea, Milo, Bonox, Twinings Lemon and Ginger and the odd Champagne for celebrations.

    Peanut and Ginger bikkies too.

    So, Ruby, will you be first?

  4. With bells on!

    (Lemon and ginger is my favourite,second only to coffee....but perhaps you knew that?)

  5. Very cool! So i followed the link and joined the community and even replied to the topic! Now I'm off to have a mocha latte...x

  6. Thank you for popping by my blog today. I had to come and see yours! Your blog is so interesting and I am loving the fact that I am meeting Australians! That continent/country has always facinated me. I really would love to visit it someday. I'm just a quirky house-wife in Nebraska trying to raise two boys the best I can. We love to be outside so these cold winter months are killing us. (I guarantee you this summer there will be more sprinkler running! People don't stare at you as much when you've got kids and you're running in the sprinklers! Ha!)

  7. Hi Jeanne,
    I just noticed that you have added my blog to your sidebar, too - YAY, I'm so happy, thank you. :D

    I have signed up to Blogfrog, too. :)

    Have a great week,


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