19 Jan 2010

Reality television

One wet day there was an almighty crash on the noisier road. Grade A accident, lights flashing, ambulances, tow trucks, sirens, foam, police on Hondas, in Minis, Toranas...A family car pulled up and the man got out and watched, then came back to the car thinking he'd have to keep his kids inside the car against their will.
He was wrong. They watched calmly for a few minutes. One said, "How long does it go on?"
His father said, "What do you mean?"
"Can we stay for the rest of the programme?"
The other kid was bored.
"I seen that show last week. Can't we change channels?"
The father was stumped.
"Channels? Look, son, this is happening. Now. You can't change channels. There's no channel to change."
"Switch off the set then. I want something to eat instead. Where's the next Kentucky?"

The Glass Canoe, David Ireland, 1976


  1. Scary. I always know when Michaela has been on the computer too much. She starts to act as if there's no line between what's acting and what's real living and suffering. It's a real danger, even for those of us trying to keep things in their proper places.


  2. Amen! There is so much more than could be said about reality television. Blech.

  3. Makes me homesick--sounds like folks in "my neck of the woods!" My son could not tell fact/fantasy for quite a long time. Video games or computer time STILL, at 15, mess with this.

  4. It is interesting to note that this was written in 1976........


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