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Posted by Jeanne

So it is official.

You absolutely, totally, utterly, and completely cannot read Robert McCloskey's Homer Price without eating doughnuts.

'Why?' you might ask.

Good question, but if you do then it is clear that you've never read Homer Price.

You need to.

With a Lexile grade of 1000L and six not too long preposterous tales, Homer Price is great for your developing reader, but it is delicious fun at any age.

In Australia you can get it from Borders for $18.95.

Devour yours with doughnuts and coffee soon.

Mmmmmmm. Yum.


Queen Mom said...

Did you make those? They look absolutely yummy!

Richele said...

...now we know why Charlotte used so many gastronomic terms.

We're eating our way through the classics as well. Pretty sure nature walks and Swedish drill are to deter weight gains in well-intentioned mothers.

Jaime Kubik said...

I want some coffee and doughnuts right now!! Mmmmmm, you made me hungry!

Jeana Marie said...

have I ever told you I used to work in a doughnut shop? There was a time that illustration would have given me certain feelings in my abdominal region. But now it's been long enough, I like doughnuts again :) Looks fun, Jeanne - it looks like you were having fun with your photos too!

minivanlife said...

So wrong... how could you tease us with donuts with sprinkles?!


Melanie said...

Yum! Those donuts look amazing..and the book too :) Haven't got this one, and looks like a fun read. Is it set in 1950's America? We read The Moffats last year, and Ginger Pye, and enjoyed both these books set in that era.

caz1975 said...

well now you've gone and made me want donuts.... naughty girl!!!!

Jeanne said...

Sorry for tempting you girls. Alas, they're not homemade...not by me anyhow.

The book was written in 1953, but is cliché middle America for all that. Really fun and totally unbelievable.

Jeanne said...

Richele, love your profile pic, girl!!

Sue said...

Now I can't wait to read Homer Price again, so that I can do it with donuts!

Hopewell said...

All 3 of us thoroughly loved Homer! And we still love doughnuts!

myletterstoemily said...

ok, i read this book to my boys when they were
three and seven. we were all rolling on the floor
with laughter. thank you for reminding me of a
precious memory.

and could i please have a donut?

Footprints Diary said...

Hi Jeanne,
Ooh, those donuts look absolutely scrumptious. :)

Have a wonderful weekend,

JEN said...

Sounds like an exciting book Jeanne - and relating to donuts is a bonus for sure!

PS. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment. It was very much appreciated and 100% recipricated! *blushes*

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