1 Feb 2010

Japanese food

This is a quicky for Sue!

Bait for Lunch, an early reader by K.A. Okagaki, illustrated by Ryan Shaw.

Chuckle. This is how Jemimah feels when we eat out in Japan! Personally, I like bait for lunch...


  1. Ha! Too funny! I'll never forget going to my niece's 5th grade class in the US to talk about Japan. I took simple onigiri (rice balls) with seaweed wrapped around for them to taste. A few of them actually liked it, but my favorite comment was, "this smells like my hamster's cage!"

    It's all about what you're used to. Then, there are some of us who are just a bit more adventurous, I guess!

    Thanks for posting that.

  2. We had fun watching that!

    I absolutely craved nigiri with both my pregnancies which may be why my guys love bait for lunch so much themselves.

  3. Actually, we quite a lot of meat and we are in Japan. I think some families are more fish eating than others. I would personally like to eat more fish...

    I would say typical foods are noodles, curry and rice, rice balls (which may have fish in them), yakitori, and spaghetti. Of course, sushi is a typical food, but we don't eat it that often because it can be pricey and ds won't eat raw fish.

  4. My boys are more adventurous than most kids, and will try almost anything. They love sushi, but have their favorites. I'm grateful for it.


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