1 Mar 2010

Lava and Java

My morning so far? The new edition of Literacy Lava and a coffee. Lava and a Java. Chuckle. (The joke's not mine, really.)

This fourth edition of Literacy Lava is literally bubbling over with great ideas for encouraging literacy. You’ll find ideas for nurturing creative thinking, ways to use magazines with your kids, ideas for raising book-loving boys, what to do if your child is not into writing, how to encourage your child to love reading, ways to promote inquisitiveness through hands-on learning, how to help kids make connections through story extensions, and all about getting kids to tell stories through movie-making. There's a page of Online Extras, and an Activity page for kids.

I tried really hard to start from the first page and devour all these great articles, but to be honest I was overwhelmingly tempted to just jump to page 7, to see the photos of my beautiful Jemimah looking out from the page.

I suppose you're not as excited about this as I am, but I've never been published before, and in an international publication like Literacy Lava? Honestly, I might be quite painfully conceited for...well... at least a day.

My article is about developing the love of reading. I want my daughter to feel the same about books that I do. Have a read.

You'll also find a list of books and online book lists that I use to help me select good living books. Perhaps they might be helpful for you as well. Books on books - ha! My favourite genre!

Once you've finished indulging me, do remember to take a look at all the other great features.

I loved Catherine Oehlman's article on Book Loving Boys. Her quotation from Professor Trevor Cairney about exposing boys to great books in the early years is so true, and can equally be applied to girls. Do have a squiz.

The Multimedia Generation by Kim Chatel has also inspired me to give an online movie maker a try some rainy day.

Finally, I'm excited about Spin and Spell - an online spelling game. We need to seriously tackle spelling some time in our peaceful home. This looks a fun way to make a start...and it is only one of the great links included in this issue.

Yep, regardless of my bias, Literacy Lava 4 is a must read for parents who are interested in their kids' reading, writing and communication, and that's probably all of us.

Did I tell you that it is free?

You can find the latest edition of Literacy Lava at The Book Chook now. She's the editor. Thank you Book Chook for including me. I'm seriously honoured.

Click here for your copy, and when you've read it, don't forget to come back here and tell me what you think.

Gleeful chortle. So excited. Yeah.

Need more coffee.


  1. Good morning Jeanne!
    Have you southerners turned your clocks back yet? I just sat down with my Morning Tea coffee and here you are with half a days work done already.
    Congratulations on being published. I will pop over and read when time permits.
    Have a great day there!

  2. Hi Jeanne,
    Literacy Lava sounds great, so kudos to The Book Chook.It looks great, too.

    The photos of Jemimah are simply stunning. :D

    Have a great week,

  3. You know I couldn't wait a second to go read that, then pop back over here to comment. I loved the article, and congratulations on getting published! As I read I was thinking, "yep, that's the Jeanne I know!" The beautiful photos really complete the article.

    I plan to go back and read the rest of the articles - they look wonderful. I'm particularly interested in the the one about boys and reading.

    Yeah, Jeanne!!!

  4. Just had a quick read. Excellent. Loved your sources of 'must read' books.

  5. Back! Congrats on your page and great shot of J.
    I also read the boys article and probably feel a little melancholy. Sometimes even when you've done all the groundwork they still don't catch the fire!

  6. Congratulations Jeanne!
    Loved the article and will go back to read the rest of the magazine soon....loved the pics of Jemimah too!

  7. Hey Jeanne...I downloaded the magazine yesterday, but I have only read your article...lol! Looking forward to reading more later!

    Love the pictures of Jemimah, and your article was very helpful as usual! Thanks!


  8. Congratulations, Jeanne! Looking forward to reading your article. :)

  9. congratulations!!!!
    will read at a quieter time than right now :)
    very happy for you, friend.

  10. Completely and utterly happy for you, Jeanne.

    I'm just now going to print...

  11. I'm on my way over there! You are so deserving. :) I'm glad for you.

    Oh and I forgot to mention on the other post about LOTS of books, that Amy Carmichael has been of particular encouragement to me over the last year. I haven't ever read that title... I'll have to look into it. So many books, so little time.


    amy in peru


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