24 Mar 2010

A summary of Romans

We're doing exams again this week. I hope you enjoy reading some of Jemimah's answers!

I think she did particularly well with this one on Paul's letter to the Romans. Paul compresses such vast thoughts so succinctly that Romans can be difficult enough for adults let alone an 8 year old, and yet the truths contained in his letter are valuable for children and well as grown-ups.

Have a look at how she did:

Paul’s epistle to the church in Rome shows how Christ’s death makes us right with God and how he will help us live a good life. Can you explain some of the things Paul says in this letter?

Pauls says in his Letter to the Romans that you cannot be saved by your works, but by your thoughts and by the way you honour God. You can only be saved by believing that Christ died for you while you were still sinners to save you from death. God loved you so much that he sent Jesus to die because we could not save ourselves and now he will help us to do better so that we can go to heaven.

In the olden times, if you broke the Law you would not be allowed to go to heaven, but God knew how sinful we were, and he knew that we could not do it so he sent Jesus so that we could go to heaven without having to be perfect.

God is the boss of you and you must do what he commands you to do or you will be dishonouring God and displeasing him. There are three people who are bosses of your life: you, Satan and God. If you obey Satan nothing will go right and you will go to hell. If you obey yourself you will also go to hell. But if you obey Jesus everything will be good and you will be saved through Jesus Christ. But we always do the wrong thing as well. And this is why Jesus had to die on the cross as well, because we would go to hell because we cannot be good no matter how hard we try and no matter what you do.


  1. Yes, Paul is a great apostle and through him we know the gospel of God. i hope in Indonesia my country there are a man like Paul and love Jesus to preach the gospel of God

  2. What a mature grasp Jemimah has on this sometimes hared comcept! This with your post on her changing attitude on the athletics awards must give you great comfort that she does indeed embrace his conenant promises from a young age.
    Makes ones ♥ sing!

  3. Very beautifully said! xxx

  4. Hi Jeanne,
    Jemimah has this difficult concept worked out - how old is she? She has an old head on young shoulders! :D

    Have a wonderful and blessed week,
    Jillian ♥

  5. Oh wow! I love the simple faith of a child and how the gospel can be easily understood by them.

    As for the fact that Jemimah can touch her nose with her tounge? It's obvious - she is a Princess Warrior!!!! xo


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