13 Mar 2010

Where am I?

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You may have noticed that my posts have been rather intermittent this past week or so. Now I guess that that is not long enough for you to wonder whether I had dropped off the end of the earth - you may not even have noticed my absence - but for those of you who were beginning to wonder, or worse to gossip about us, I thought that I would reassure you that all are well and happy here in our peaceful home. Only our Internet connection is sick. Actually, our phone is too, but that doesn't affect most of you too much. Anyhow, the repair men are coming on Tuesday, so I may be back then.


If they fix it.

Because our homeschool doesn't function very well without the Internet. You should have seen us trying to map Marco Polo's journey last week without Wiki telling us what the new names for old cities are. We couldn't look up the common spotted cuscus during natural history either, and who knows what one of those looks like when it is at home? We couldn't do our French video, or our folksong or our French songs, or do lots of other things.

We are lost, bereft, adrift in a wild sea without a paddle.

Notice I haven't even mentioned my blog? That's probably because my beloved doesn't understand that blogging is a integral part of daily existence, a bit like breathing or eating or coffee. Or champagne. Or chocolate. (Why is it that all the major food groups begin with C?) So anyway, he doesn't understand, he who doesn't drink coffee.

Maybe you do.

I miss you!! I miss your blogs. I miss your affirming comments on mine. I miss my friends!

So anyhow, I should be back on Tuesday. I hope. In the meantime, don't forget me okay? Perhaps you could begin a blogfrog discussion on our Peaceful Community without me. That would be fun to catch up on, on my return. If that doesn't appeal maybe you can just leave a comment telling me you love me. Just so I know that its not all one sided.

Okay. That's off my chest now. We're off to see Mamma Mia this arvo at Her Maj's in Melbourne. Which is why I can post this, in case you're wondering, because we're here, not there.

And now I need to go. Because Beloved and the Princess Jemimah are back from the chiropractor and I'm still in my jarmies. Oh dear.

I may get a chance to talk to you again this evening, otherwise I'll see you soon, my dear friends.



  1. so sorry to hear about your sick phone/internet connection. That happened to me for one day and I was at a loss. I do feel such a sense of community amongst bloggers and love the comradre.

    As for coffee? I hear you there! Love my coffee. (My husband is not a coffee drinker and just doesn't understand either.) Coffee is my little indulgement and it must be from the expresso machine. Can't do instant. Yuk!

    Hope to see you back posting regularly soon. Oh and would love to see 'Mamma Mia' live. Enjoy! xo

  2. It has been rather quiet and well... bland without you. Hurry back!

  3. Sending cyber ♥♥♥ your way. Chocolate & coffee are absolute necessities along with comments on the blog. All the important things really do start with C.

  4. Nope, my bubby doesn't drink coffee either, but he is getting the idea re the internet. If Mumma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy :-)
    Honestly, I'm not that addicted.......
    Certainly have missed you Jeanne. Not a single comment all week at my place(s) and wondered a little, but you had mentioned going to Melbourne etc so I had not got to panic stations yet!
    Hope it is a great show and we'll look forward to the write up on Tuesday. Love that pic up the top ! scary!

  5. Missed you, oh yes, especially since I thought it was our week for a chat.

    Spring cleaning has begun here though -- along with our end of term museum trip and taxes -- so it may have been providence to keep me from distraction.

  6. Hoping your internet/phone is sorted out asap. :)

  7. Ah Jeanne, I am getting worried about you now - it seems you have a very serious problem, that internet addiction of yours! It would seem there is just no help for you. :)

    But don't worry about us - we will still be here when you get back. Looking forward to your wit and wisdom!

    And bye the way, I love that piccie - how cool would it be to live there! Majorly Cool! :)

  8. Oh no! I am so glad to hear that it is just a sick internet connection. I really don't know how you will survive because I wouldn't for sure. I look forward to your return.

  9. I was wondering....and certainly missed reading your posts!
    Enjoy Mama Mia!

  10. Hi Jeanne,
    I have seriously missed your blog posts, and your witty banter. ♥♥♥

    I hope that they fix your internet connection - boy, I would be like a bear with a sore head without my internet connection, and just as much so without my blog. *not a happy chappy*

    See you soon, my dear friend,
    Love and blessings,
    Jillian ♥

  11. I often wonder if we all [homeschool Moms with blogs] homeschool to blog or blog to homeschool!! lol... Glad there's nothing seriously wrong--I did miss you!!

  12. Here's a book for you.....



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