1 Apr 2010

Colonel Gillespie and Hannah

So the Colonel's made...

...and so are the biscuits...

Can anybody think of anything else I can do, or do I have to start packing now? Why am I procrastinating over this?

Camping is fun. It is.

Somehow the packing's not though.

As an aside, Jemimah was given this little beauty this morning. Who'd a thunk it - Hannah Montana as an an Easter egg. Not for the purists, I'm thinking.

Jemimah's happy about it though.

Okay, enough already. Have a nice break everyone.



  1. have lots of fun camping. my family
    used to do that a lot but never with
    hannah montana!

    happy easter!

  2. Herein is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins. 1 John 4:10

    ~Happy Easter~

    ~Happy Camping!!!~

  3. Hi Jeanne,
    Have fun camping, and have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

    *shakes head* How anyone can think that camping is fun is beyond my tiny brain's comprehension!

    Love and blessings,
    Jillian ♥

  4. Those biscuits looks very nice and I saw the characters out of Toy Story as an "Easter egg"!!!

    God Bless

    Happy Easter

  5. Hi,
    We are just back from Merrijig. Lovely time with the Grandparents and nature. Lucy found and painted a beautiful butterfly.

    BUT !!!!!!!ahh!!!!!! the luggage. It requires as much for 3 days as 3 weeks - almost anyway.
    Hoping your trip was worth the packing effort - ours was.
    God bless your Easter break.

  6. The biscuits look and I'm sure taste DIVINE...I love the pics of your space, so inviting and serene.
    And I take your word on your strong opinion. Always great to hear your words of wisdom.

  7. Are you resting after your camping trip? I had to launder the boys' clothing 3x in a row after Maine.

    Um, no, "Christ is risen!" and "Hannah Montana" don't normally find themselves in the same sentence.

    xo and miss ya.

  8. Jeanne, I saw your post at the Ambleside Year 0 discussion. I believe Kathy means my post, I saw no Heather in any of the Math 0.5 initial discussion that derived in the mastery/spiral post I wrote.
    I love the AO groups too, and I think if you want to discuss there about your success with MEP, move to the Ambleramble, the Year 0 Kathy just wants to leave it for kindergarten. Or BETTER, post from your blog or write on mine :-) It has ignited an interest, and we'd love to hear from you when you are ready. Many are patiently awaiting (no pressure intended LOL).
    I also posted at the Livingmath yahoo group, maybe many go to my blog from there or write at the group itself.
    I'm going to tackle this too later, from the general perspective and the more specific math angle.

  9. My apologies, there is a Heather, and this is her post: http://maplehillacademy.blogspot.com/2010/04/is-mep-math-cm-also-kindergarten-math.html
    Kathy or her did not mention it (or I missed it), and I had no idea until I saw a new post at the right hand side of my blog, under the math category, where she explains how MEP lines up with CM.

  10. heheh. yeah, but is that really an EGG?! in the shape of a young lady?

    I used to enjoy camping pre-children era. Now, I consider it work, and not just that, but over-time!! ;) Especially 'camping' in the jungle... well, that's my husband's specialty :)

    I hope you all enjoy your time together!

    amy in peru


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