19 Apr 2010

Karigurashi no Arrietty

Oh joy - a Studio Ghibli version of Mary Norton's The Borrowers.

You can read about it in English here, and if you can read Japanese, Arrietty's official website is here. Sadly I just look at the pictures.

Don't you just love the theme music by Breton harpist, Cécile Corbel?

Thanks, J's Mom. You're right - I am excited about this. Am I the only one?


  1. So is it going to be in English or Japonese? Oh I hope English. I am excited... we've just finished Borrowers Afloat and will start Borrowers Aloft one of these days soon. It has been an ongoing series for all my kids. We've enjoyed them, I'd love to see the movie...

    amy in peru

  2. Actually, I am excited because coincidentally I just read "The Borrowers" to my son.

    Amy~~It will be in Japanese, but I suspect there will be an English version. It will probably either hit movie theaters like "Ponyo" or it will go straight to DVD in places like America and Canada.

  3. Excited? Yes!

    When I was a girl I would keep things on my dresser that I thought would come in handy for the Borrowers jic they were about.

    We've a book before movie rule here so I'm glad the boys have read it. Ponya we have in Russian dubbed over Japanese. The boys have no problem with that (I did)) but they also will watch Studio Ghibli in straight Japanese.

  4. The BBC did a series which the ABC aired, which at least was in English.

    Corbelle is wonderful & that is a very lovely piece of music. Very Celtic in feel ~ which is not surprising from a Breton.

  5. How exciting! I remember being so exasperated by my two oldest when they were young - they were constantly imitating the Borrowers everywhere in the house. There would be thread everywhere, miniature traps on the bookshelves and on and on. They were captivated by these stories - what child wouldn't be?


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