13 Apr 2010

Ten things

  1. We will be in Japan in less than one month. I am excessively excited, to the point of being obsessed.
  2. I am currently walking around with my hair parted in the middle and with a clip on the top of my head. I feel very silly, but my daughter thinks I look beautiful and so I have swallowed my pride.
  3. I am such a neat freak that even the insides of all our cupboards are tidy. My husband is tidier than I am.
  4. Jemimah and I are nursing our arms after our flu shots this morning. I totally do not understand people who choose not to vaccinate their children - or themselves, for that matter. It is one of the few topics that make me irrational, so don't try me.
  5. I once flew to Vanuatu for the weekend. We flew out on Friday evening and home again on Sunday. The snorkelling there was the best I have ever seen. So was the coconut crab. I am sad to discover that they are endangered now. It is not my fault.
  6. People often tell me that I am intimidating. I do not understand why anyone would think this of me and so I am unable to do anything to fix it. I do not like the idea of being intimidating.
  7. I do not like dentists. At all. We now go every six months but only because my beloved makes the appointments. I never went once between the ages of 18 and 36. That is 18 long years. I only went then because I broke a tooth eating an olive with a pip in it. Ouch.
  8. I quite like doing housework, but absolutely hate mopping floors. Maybe even more than I hate the dentist because it needs doing more than every six months.
  9. I have never bitten my nails, but I bite my cuticles when I feel nervous or upset. I am currently worrying my cuticles but have yet to discover what is concerning me. I am not even due a visit to the dentist.
  10. I absolutely totally cannot eat neba-neba foods. Soup made from nagaimo is probably the worst. I do quite like natto though, and okra is okay. Probably best to avoid mucilaginous textures if you are inviting me to dinner, okay?

You can read Pip's ten things here. It was really her idea, I just copied. Yay Pip!


  1. Since I obviously either haven't been paying attention that well, or I haven't been following you for very long, :) but why are you going to Japan?
    My daughter loves all things Japanese. We have tried to learn a bit of Japanese language but it is mostly for hobby, really.
    Have a great day :)

  2. 6.--me, too
    8.--I hate BOTH housework AND mopping floors! Guess since I'm a librarian in real life that I don't need "more" order than I get at work!

    I so envy your trip to Japan! I get to go to...Cleveland, Ohio... you're soooo jealous I'm sure!

  3. Oh that's sad about those delicious crabs, isn't it?! Crab is so yummy. What a shame for the crabs... and for us too, of course!
    Wishing you a lovely day, poppet!

  4. That photo is absolutely priceless!!

    Your number 10 made me laugh. You know, neba-neba is so very good for you. My husband recently showed me a story on the Japanese internet news about an experiment with the neba-neba from natto. They put 4 kg of it (do not ask me how they separated that from the beans!) into a very dirty, murky pond. Within three hours they could see the bottom of the pond, the water was so clear! That's what neba-neba can do for your body - so the theory goes.

    I think I'll go eat some natto.

  5. I shall remember that next time I need to clear a pond, Sue :) I knew there had to be a use for natto somewhere!!

    Have some for me, will you?

  6. Lisa, this review of Cleveland makes it sound pretty good!!


    Maybe next year?

  7. Always interesting to read new facts about our blogging friends. A pic of Jemimah's hairdressing skills would have been.....helpful!
    I would love to visist Japan. Hope you will be able to post from there? But I know where my boys would much rather go, so Cleveland is number one on someone's wish list, Hopewell!
    (I believe they have the Cavalliers and LaBron?)

  8. Hi Jeanne,
    Oh, I am so envious - Japan! :)

    Have a wonderful week,
    Blessings, Jillian ♥

  9. I have friends in Nagasaki ~ or they were. She is an English language teacher; he is Japanese. Ick to the crabs; I'll have the soup. I am not a neat freak & I don't do flu shots [eeew! Actually I don't do needles full stop.] My husband is messier than I am. I don't mind housework, even mopping, but I can't stand cooking. Why do people insist on eating? Give me a book any day! Enjoy Japan.[as I'm sure you will. Take lots of pics to blog about later so we can live vicariously! ☺]

  10. My husband is neater than I am. My cupboards are neither messier nor neater than my home :)

    I am so happy that you are going to Japan as I know how you love it. I have never been - It was my number one choice for assignments when I was in the Air Force but they sent me to Italy.

    You surely looked beautiful with your hair that way! What, no pic?!

    Did you enjoy housework as a child? Does Jemimah?

    I have fantasized about eating a bunch of oreo cookies and not brushing my teeth right before seeing the dentist just to get my monies worth.

    Very much enjoyed your list of 10.

  11. Tell us more about the flu shot...why have it, do you have it every year and is there a particular one? Can the whole family get them...including 2yrs and up? Funny thing is I decided vaccinations were a good thing after reading James Herriot!

    Enjoy Japan and bring back lots of pictures!

    Butter Fly

  12. you make me smile with your long words... I should look them up since I don't know the half of what you're talking about. but I'm tired :)

    it is so fun to read up after a while.

    amy in peru


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