23 Apr 2010

We will remember them

This time last year I wrote a series of posts on Anzac Day.

When we commemorate this day we do not glorify war. By studying what went on before; by really knowing about the men and women that fought and died so bravely that we might have peace, we come to realise that we will never want war because we know the real horror that it brings. By remembering Anzac Day we come to glorify peace.

Peace. Not war.

I have heard people say that they do not teach Australian History to their children because of our Larrikin past; that they would rather teach using good role models like Abraham Lincoln or George Washington. There are many great men in America's past, but it is the sacrifice and heroism of the every day men and women of Australia that makes our great land so special. The young people who gave their all that we might live and raise our children here in this beautiful country in peace. The young people of the Australian Defence Forces who still are.

That's why I remember Anzac Day.

That's why I will always remember them.

Will you?

This weekend:

  • We'll read lots of books.
  • We'll eat biscuits.
  • We'll watch The Lighthorsemen and remember my Grandpa and eat more biscuits.
  • We'll attend at pre-dawn service, and drink our Anzac Day hot chocolate.
  • We'll visit the War Memorial and search out grandpa's name written in gold on the wall.
  • We'll watch a parade.
  • We'll talk, we'll laugh and we'll remember.
Jemimah will remember them too. It will not have been in vain.
The Soul of Australia

In the light of dawn, the break of day,
Through the waters chill they fought their way;
Like their sires of old, to the Motherland
They came o’er the sea, and they sprang to the strand;
And the blood of the Angles, the Scot, and the Celt
Grew hot in their veins as the war fire they felt.

In the light of noon, in the bright sunlight,
They fought up the cliffs from height to height;
And the sun shone down on that scene of strife
Where the ‘Soul of Australia’ came to life,
As the blood of Australians was shed on the sod,
For Australia, for Britain, Humanity, God.

Shall Australia mourn for the sons she has lost-
Should Australians weep? Nay! Great though the cost,
Joy mingles with grief, and pride mingles with pain,
For our boys died like heroes, and died not in vain.
And the ‘Soul of Australia’, new-born on that day
When her sons died at ANZAC, shall never decay.

The Brisbane Courier, 25 April 1916


  1. That's wonderful! I admire you devotion to your culture's history and to showing your daughter that so many did not die in vain. I will admit I am ignorant to your country's history. I know some...but not all. I think I'll look deeper into it. :)

  2. Wonderful day and I admire your passion for history...yes, most countries have had wars, war is a reality to peace as much as death to life.

  3. Agree totally Jeanne! We have Simpson's Donkey this year to read and we will make Anzacs and watch You Tube videos showing the soldiers and we will watch the memorial service on the the Television!

    Lest we forget!

  4. Thank you for educating me in the history of this wonderful country!
    I am learning more as I teach Rebekah about the history of this great land!
    We were at a RSL club a couple of nights ago and we had to stand up at 6pm to honour those who died. I never knew they did that (as I'd never been to an rsl club at that time of day before I guess!) but it was just great to witness it and be a part of it!

  5. Such a poignant collection of pictures to accompany that well known song. Jeanne, it hit me after knowing that song for so many years that now no one is left as it says from that time. The amputee bits was even more hard hitting for me since knowing Sloan's story.

    P.S. The top link to last yer's series does not go anywhere for me!We will indeed remember them.

  6. I had no idea about this part of Australian history! Thanks for educating me! You got me curious to learn more than just your words or the song informed. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  7. People won't teach about your own heros, but will teach about ours? ok........

    I remember watching the Lighthorsemen last year to learn more--it was a good film. Maybe I'll make some Anzac "biscuits" tonight to join your celebration just a little late--or is it early? I can never remember!

  8. Yes, we'll be remembering here too.
    We'll go to the dawn service, we'll eat Anzac biscuits, and we'll be thankful.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Thank you for these posts and for doing your part to not only ensure they will not be forgotten but they are shown gratitude.

    I was so saddened at our last 4th of July parade as our dwindling number of veterans marched past. Kids were so busy texting and playing hand-held video games that they didn't even look up.

    Will be taking another Peaceful Day book list to the library.


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