31 May 2010



Hello. It's cold in Melbourne. I'm huddled in front of the fire wrapped in a mohair blanket, and I'm still cold. Is it really chilly, do you reckon, or am I just tired? Both probably. Dunno.

We arrived home this morning. The others are sleeping. Probably a bad idea sleeping in the middle of the day, but there you are. We don't always make good choices. I'm watching Wife Swap on the telly, for example. I think I'd be better off asleep. Why do these women subject themselves to this kind of total humiliation, do you think? This is totally a bad choice, but I can't be bothered finding the remote. I'm eating toast and Vegemite. And drinking coffee. Actually, I'm sort of overdosing on coffee, and I'm happy about it. Those are good choices.

I've lots of exciting things to tell you about our holiday. It was super great. I missed you all, of course, but only the littlest bit. You always miss people more when you're the ones left at home than when you're the travellers. They're the ones having all the new experiences, and real life seems a very long way away. I did think of you though. We head home to the country tomorrow, and back to reality the day after. Jemimah is so not looking forward to school. We're not looking forward to work either. Oh well.

I am, however, looking forward to Literacy Lava 5. It's published tomorrow. Don't forget to pop on over to The Book Chook blog first thing in the morning, to get your copy. It's good. Earlier editions are still available as well, if you haven't read them all. You should.

Bleh. Who invented red-eye flights anyhow? Bad idea. The movie I watched was good though. It was called A Tale of Ululu's Wonderful Forest ウルルの森の物語. Here's the YouTube clip. It's in Japanese, but if you can get hold of the version with English subtitles - or if you and your family speak Japanese, then I thoroughly recommend this wonderful family movie. You'll get an idea of why I like the film from the clip even if you can't understand it. Let me know if you want me to review it in more detail. The Japanese language website is here.

Well, s'pose I'd better go and awaken the others before it's tonight. They'll be dancing the night away if I don't. I'll talk again soon - just as soon as we download the photos and get the suitcases unpacked. It's been nice talking to you all, friends.

I'll leave you with two funny things from the mouth of Miss Jemimah.

Funny Thing Number One

Last night they were making a last call for a passenger. It went something like this:

PA Announcer - Passenger Shen Lee Wah (or some equally Chinese sounding name), please make your way to Gate Lounge Four immediately.

Miss Jemimah - Oh listen, they're calling for Passenger Alice Wallaby. She must be late for her aeroplane.

Yes, Jemimah, I'm sure that was just the name I heard too...

Funny Thing Number Two

Miss Jemimah - You know, Bhutan and Japan are really quite similar in lots of ways.

Me - Really? I wouldn't have thought so. Give me an example.

Miss Jemimah - Well, Bhutan was very hot (it wasn't actually), and Japan is very cold (ahem, really?). So you see, they're both verys!!!!!!!!!!

Yep right. I knew that.

What a disjointed post. Okay, okay. I'm tired.

Oh, one more thing - we managed to get to 99 followers. Pretty cool, hey? Thank you all. One more, anyone? Going cheap!! HeeHee

バイバイ Bai Bai


  1. Welcome home Jeanne! Pleased to hear you are all safe and sound! xxx

  2. Hello and welcome home my friend! Get some sleep and we will look forward to hearing all about it.
    My sister is here reading to the boys this afternoon and just told me they will be in Melbourne next week. Shall give her the heads up on the cold weather. CQ is glorious today!

  3. Hey, I just finished this post right now. It must have published itself without my say so!!

    Hi girlies!

  4. Looks like Blogger upgraded you to auto while you were away!

  5. Welcome back Jeanne and family!
    Melbourne was remarkably not-cold yesterday when we flew back from a quick weekend visit for a wedding down in the peninsula. Weather must have changed overnight, sorry...!

  6. So glad you made it home safely! Can't wait to hear about your trip.

    Why is it that I never know about these movies? Because we have no TV, I guess! I'm a sucker for animal movies. We just watched a very good one yesterday called Duma - same theme, but with a cheetah in South Africa.

  7. Missed your regular posts Jeanne, welcome back, Blessings

  8. Welcome, welcome and so glad you had a wonderful time. I'm also glad you have a mohair blanket to wrap yourself in.

    I must be experiencing your jet lag vicariously.

  9. Glad you are back safe and sound.

    I love your daughter's "verys"! VERY cute. I have to say I agree..both extremes share a similarity. :)

  10. Welcome home Jeanne.

    You know, I was just thinking about your family yesterday - wondering what you're all up to! And I awake this morning to a new post. :)

  11. Lovely to have you home. I am so looking forward to reading more adventures plus the Wisdom of Miss Jemimah!

    It's amazing to me that you still have time to recommend Literacy Lava 5, despite jetlag, redeye and too much coffee. But thanks!

  12. Konnichiwa and welcome home, Jeanne & family! :)

  13. "they're both verys!" Haha! Precious!

  14. Welcome home, Jeanne. Glad to have you back. Hey my word thingy says *bookeri* How cool's that?

  15. Hi Jeanne and family,
    Just found out you are back. Welcome. I hope you feel better today than yesterday.

  16. Welcome home! Glad you are back. Now scoot over to Youtube and watch 17 or 18 or "19 Kids and Counting" [aka the Duggars!] Many episodes are on there. Others are on the network www.tlc.com and still others for $1.99 [USA} on iTunes. You can see what the fuss is about! May be surreal with jet-lag! Welcome back!

  17. Hello, Jeanne, just discovered your blog through The Book Chook and have enjoyed reading about your trip to Japan. I liked the film trailer too :-)


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