23 Jun 2010

On my needles

I told you I'd show you my new wool. Isn't it sublime? It is another Noro yarn, this time Kochoran, a wool, angora and silk blend. I can't wait to have cushions made of this.

I've had to do a tension square to discover how many stitches I'll need for each cushion. 41 stitches is 28 cm. Why on earth didn't I knit just 40? Because I didn't count, that's why!

Oh my! I am so out of practice... Let me see: to knit a 36 cm square cushion I'll need 53 stitches. That's right, isn't it? I'm so glad I'm doing MEP maths.

The basket is an Injalak coiled basket of pandanus fibre. You can learn more about them here.


  1. From someone who has not picked up knitting needled since Home Economics classes at school - I'm impressed!! Looks great so far. My sister just mentioned a book she read on her blog ( http://wwwshematters.blogspot.com/2010/06/creating-home-part-1.html )that she read that refers to knitting, cooking, sewing etc as the gentle arts. I like that thought. xo

  2. You know my eyes are bad, right?
    So I scanned the new posts and saw "On my knees" at Jeanne's plac and dashed over to see what's up!
    the wool looks great1 Let us see the final product when done.
    Like Jo it is a good while since I have picked up needles. Where do the find the time??

  3. Great stuff! Beautiful! Brilliant! Fabulous...alright already! xxx

  4. lovely wool- very nice cushions coming up...lovely basket too.

  5. Jeanne,
    this is wonderful! i have a new blog i am working on with Amy in Peru, and we'd love for you to come write with us. Could you send me a pm and let me know if you are interested!?!?!

  6. here it is:


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