25 Jun 2010


This is what we're watching tonight.

Anyone else out there like Hayao Miyazaki ?


  1. I have to say that we adore Totoro, but not his other stuff as much. We finally watched Ponyo a few weeks ago, and the overall consensus was that it was interesting, but a little strange. So far, he hasn't been able to match Totoro as far as everyone in our household is concerned. :o)

  2. We saw "Ponyo" in Japanese when it originally came out. I also thought it was strange, but I expected it to be strange since it was from Ghibli. I thought "I'll have to see this in English so I can understand the weird stuff at the end."
    His other stuff...also a little strange for me. I do very much like "Kiki's Delivery Service." (Although I don't know if you all watch that because it is about a witch.)

  3. One more thing.....One thing I do like about Miyazaki films is that it shows strong females. Disney, on the other hand, has too many films that shows a prince rescuing the female. And Pixar has had very few females at all.

    So I find that to be a big plus.

  4. I hadn't thought about that with Pixar. You're right!!

    I must say, I find all Ghibli rather strange, but that is part of their appeal to me. Totoro is pretty weird as well with the cat bus and all.

    I guess we just like the Japanesqueness of them!


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