11 Jun 2010

Where am I going?

I'm feeling paralysed by indecision and I hope you'll help me. I have been staring at Blogger now for...ummm... quite a while and I just don't know what to talk to you all about. It's not that I don't have things to say - far from it - my recent trip to Japan has left me with an embarrassing wealth of interesting anecdotes along with several thousand images with which to illustrate them. I just don't quite see what relevance they have to my blog.

I struggle with direction for A Peaceful Day. What am I trying to achieve here? I began life with an aim of Australianising Ambleside Online. I still think that there's scope for that, and I think that I do it well, but I think that very few of you, my precious friends and followers have any interest in that whatsoever. Are there any other Aussie AOers out there? Are any of you interested in my Aussie kids' lit choices? Literature reviews take me an inordinate amount of time in research and compilation and yet they are amongst the least commented upon of my posts.

Whenever I ask you what you want to hear about you say you want to know about our day. That always puts me into a spin. You see our days are all pretty much the same. We read great books, we memorise scripture, we use MEP for maths, we go on nature walks and we cook. Sometimes we do science experients and write them up using scientific notation and report writing techniques. We sing. We speak French. We draw and paint and knit and embroider and do tapestry. We have fun. But I've told you about all of these. What more can I say? We don't do clever scrapbooking and lapbooks and activities to show you. We don't do busywork. We don't build sculptures or make forts or any of that other incredibly impressive stuff that many of you do.

We do travel. I can tell you about our trip, but do you really want to hear about what we did on holidays, or am I just indulging myself and making you suffer politely through the cyberspace version of Austie Esme's slideshow?

Do you want me to tell you about the Tsujiki Fish Market:

Maybe the kudzu gruel story will strike your fancy:

Would you prefer to hear about the Sanja Matsuri perhaps?

What about food? Keiseki cuisine needs to be seen to be believed:

Perhaps books are more your thing. Would you like to hear about the books I bought from Keibunsha?

Or maybe talk more about geisha?

I just can't seem to make a decision today. Do you want to hear about our trip at all? Please help me.

While you're deciding, maybe you'd like to pop over to Living and Learning to hear all about our wonderful day together at the zoo. I just adored meeting Sue and Linda and their fantabulous kids. And at least that is vaguely related to homeschooling.

If you don't want to hear me waffling on about our holiday what do you want to hear about? I really can't decide by myself.

Happy Queen's Birthday weekend everyone.


  1. Well, I would love to hear more about your trip, but I may be biased. ;o)

    I know what you mean about not knowing what to blog about out of all the sameness. A calm, ordered, and peaceful life is nothing to scoff at, but not always the best blog fodder - at least from the perspective of the blogger. I personally love reading about all your various interests, books, and even just your every day life over there in a country I can only continue to long to visit for the time being!

    If you don't think others would enjoy hearing lots of details about your trip, can you at least keep inserting your lovely photos here and there? Please?

  2. Personally, I would love to hear more about your trip to Japan, your photos look amazing.

    At the end of the day I guess you have to ask yourself "Who am I blogging for?" if its for you, maybe for some self satisfaction at having something to look back on one day, then you blog about what you want and when you want, but if you blog for others then I guess you will have your answers on what the masses want soon :)

    Embarrassingly, I didn't realise that you reviewed Aussie literature so I am glad that you posted this as I am an avid fan of all things books for kids. I will certainly be checking out your reviews.

  3. Hi Jeanne!! Great to have you back :)

    I know the feeling - what to write about?? Some days I don't - write that is. But I love coming here to read your posts...mostly about the simple things, like your garden, the books you're reading, the curriculum you use, and your family life. I find you to be a well spring of all sorts of knowledge. The more obscure the better! :)


  4. My honest answer is...

    I starting following your blog for the homeschooling AO information that you are so good at explaining. They are my favourite posts, but I am outnumbered I think.

    I love your book reviews, your outlook on life and education, gardening skills and cooking!

    The travelling stuff I skim over just because I would much rather be in person looking at pictures. But that is just me!

  5. Jeanne: blogs are funny things. Posts I put a lot of time & effort into, posts I deem important, Posts I think I've managed to write well attract almost no comment ~ often. Throw~away lines? People crawl out of the woodwork to comment! I know I often read & don't comment. Other times [like now ☺] i practicaly take over your blog. Personally I'd love to hear about your trip. I'm all for self~indulgence. Some of my favourite writers do it very well! ☺ Oscar Wilde for one.

  6. Jeanne

    Well it might seem boring to you - but I find almost all of your blog entries interesting even ones I might not agree with. Maybe it's a bit of poking the nose over the 'neighbours' fence and it been a bit greener there at times but it is interesting to a sticky beak like me. (I do apoligise for not allowing you to poke your head over my fence as a non-blogger) Yes, please do tell us more about your holiday - I know a bit more about Japan than I did before reading your blog and reading about it will have to suffice for now. I began reading your blog for your Australianising Ambelside info too but now my dh wants our 4 yr old to go to school... I may not use all the info but I still enjoy reading it.

    I've looked at at number of books because you made me aware of them - some for me, some for ds. Even if we don't homeschool this little one the book reviews are still valuable.

  7. Hello Jeanne

    I just wanted to add my two cents worth too "O) I read your blog because I like "you" and how you come across in your blog- so I will continue to read regardless of what you write (though I may not always comment!) and I also LOVE the fact that you are an Aussie.... in Melbourne "O) And I think your work with Australianising the AO curriculum is invaluable... to me anyhow...
    'cause it matters to me. Thanks for letting me have my say!
    Blessings whatever you decide!!!

  8. Hello Jeanne
    I enjoy reading your blog because I like to see how other people do the home-ed thing, plus any insight into life in other countries is fascinating.Yes please more about your trip to Japan.
    Thanks for all your lovely posts.

  9. I also found your blog via the AO Homeschool thing and have enjoyed those posts, but I'm not opposed to learning more about Japan either. The photographs are wonderful.

    I find since I have limited time in the morning before the kids are up and going, that I don't have time to comment on everything I read...but I do read and appreciate MANY things. I would imagine for every comment you get you must likely have 10 readers gleaning something from what you've written.

  10. I started reading your blog because of your homeschool posts. But what keeps me coming back is that (I feel, at least) we became friends. Reading your blog is like reading a letter from a friend. So for me, it doesn't really matter what you write about, I'll come and read because your blog is about you and your family. I wish I could shine through my blog as well as you shine through yours.
    Being an incredibly shy person IRL, I am the world's worst commenter. But I have been meaning to tell you that it made my week when you read and commented on my blog when you were on vacation. Thank you. :)

  11. Everything you write is interesting and well-written. I'd be lonely without your blog! :) I like seeing your life--it's prettier than mine will ever be!! lol

  12. We love hearing about your life. My children are fascinated by differences and the similarities between our everyday lives.

    I love that you are doing AO and I enjoy reading your book reviews (just wish I could GET the books). Your trip to Japan with it's fabulous pictures will have my children glued to the computer screen!

    Just be yourself.

  13. at the risk of sounding like I am going along with the crowd, my very first thought was, I don't know Jeanne, everything you say is interesting :) not flattering, just the way I feel about it...


    amy in peru

  14. Ditto to Amy and Sarah and Daisy and Spesamor Academy and Pauline and etc :)
    I love all your posts on CM, aussie book reviews (you've certainly educated me in Aussie lit) but I also enjoy reading your other posts too and sometimes I don't if I don't have time:)

  15. It's funny isn't it, our own lives seem so uninteresting to us, like you said you feel you do the same stuff every day, but to outsiders it's anything but...so I like hearing about your days. And I keep coming back again and again to look through your archive of how you did stuff starting out. You've been a wealth of support to me as I'm starting out AO with Ethan. It's reassuring to know that a loving God centered and focused family is pursuing education in similar fashion that I am really drawn too. Make sense?

    Hope so.
    Melissa Moynahan

    ps: I had hoped to catch up with you on Sunday but every time I looked you were busy talking...so I'm saying this to put out a let's find each other next time. I'd love to chat in person. :)

  16. Hi Melissa, thanks for commenting. It means a lot.

    I'd love to have a chat in real life! See you Sunday.

  17. I read your blog because as others said after reading many of your posts I feel I know you.
    I have the same exact situation, posts that take me long to write and research sometimes are not commented, but I write them anyway because I do want to.
    About your blog, I enjoy your variety. I've liked your MEP and AO for sure, your personal ones I LOVE too, your trips and your suggestions of products, books, etc too, as for the literary reviews I may not go into details because we are not there yet, but I always give them some attention.
    Yesterday I saw the world cup game against Germany, and I felt bad for Australia because some of my husband's family is from there, and YOU are from there, LOL...
    Whatever you decide to write about, keep doing it and I guess my 2cents is BE YOURSELF...

  18. Hi Jeanne,
    Here I am again responding late, sorry.

    I would miss your blog because then I would miss you. As it is the main way I know you the lack of it would be felt strongly.
    Also I really appreciate you trail-blazing an Aussie AO for us.
    As regards your Aussie Lit. posts. It is hard to comment on something I haven't read yet. However I have purchased some of the books on your recommendation.
    Keep going but write what works for you is my advice. Record what you want as a record of Jemimah's childhood and homelife.
    Thanks for your efforts!!


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