7 Jul 2010

Blogger commenting issues

It seems A Peaceful Day is not the only blog experiencing commenting issues.

Please know that I am receiving your comments via email, even if they are not showing up on the screen.

Don't stop writing me nice messages, will you? I appreciate every one of them.

And you. I appreciate every one of you too.


  1. Hmmm...perhaps Blogger is all blogged up! I don't have your problem, though that has happened before, but for a couple of weeks now when I post it does not come up in the readers. Somethimes it doesn't come up at all other times 6 - 10 hours later. So, check me out if you don't see any new posts for a while :-)

  2. Oooops, I spke to soon! I see I actually have the same problem. I hadn't checked email since I just thought I had no new comments. Not only did new ones not post but a couple of old ones from Monday have disappeared on the blog.
    (My verification word is thina but unfortunately, I am not!)

  3. A few weeks ago, all blogger bloggers had an issue with comments too, while you were on vacation.
    They added new designs and changed the interface a bit after those two agonizing days for many.
    Their trouble shoot page was inundated with comments, some not so nice, complaining about the problem. In some states or areas we couldn't publish posts or do anything to the blogs, which was the reason why many used nasty words and threats of migrating to wordpress.
    Now we have started with the problem again. For us who have like you the feature of showing our recent comments, we can see them but they are not reflected in the number of comments or opinions below each post.
    I want to think that blogger is working in the comments feature. I have no foundation to say this, but I've always wondered if they'd add the reply to comment ability that wordpress has, and the possibility to sign up for email subscription to the blog and comments under each comment and post as wordpress users have automatically. We can only subscribe to the comments of each post by default at the bottom of the comment box, not to the blog which we have to do signing up for the rss feeds as you have to the left. I've always loved that wordpress feature, and I'm always waiting for blogger to enable it.
    Who knows, what we know is that we all are suffering the same problem.

  4. sorry, 'working on'...arghhh

  5. Mine's had a run of that too. Have Jemima check out the history lesson I posted for her last weekend. You may also want to see badminton in the rural USA which I posted for you and hubs........... Hope you are ok!

  6. Hope it's all fixed for you now!


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