5 Aug 2010

A Hello and a Thank-you

Hello there, my lovelies.

Thank you so much for patiently waiting for my return. I've missed you all, and it's nice to be here. It has been a huge couple of weeks for our family, but we're now coming through the other side, stronger than we were before. Scarred and wounded and violated, but nicer, and more considerate, and more conscious of the importance of strong family bonds and great friends.

My Dad had many, many friends. As I looked around the many hundreds of people that had come to give thanks for my Dad on Tuesday afternoon, I couldn't help but feel a certain amount of pride for this man who to me was just Dad, but to these people was a colleague, or a fellow Gideons member or the President of their Probus club, or a work mate on a farm, or a childhood pal or ...well...or something. My Dad did lots and lots of stuff, and in everything he did it was the friends he made that were important to him.

But there were a smattering of people there on Tuesday who didn't know my Dad very well at all, and no, they weren't just there for the free feed - or I don't think they were - they were there because they were friends of mine...or of my brother...or of my sister. They were there because we were hurting and they cared. It was so good to see them, and they were such an incredible support on that terribly sad day.

I have just returned from the post office where I posted a couple of the Orders of Service to friends that I truly believe would have been amongst that number at the Church in Geelong to support me if they'd lived nearer and been able. I've never even met these girls, but they're amongst my closest friends and I know they care about me just as much as the friends who hugged me and held my hand on Tuesday.

I know them because of A Peaceful Day. I know them because I blog.

Many of the people I've come to know through the blogosphere blog no more. Too time consuming, they say. Time that should be spent with family or homeschooling or cleaning the house. Unnecessary, addictive, and unproductive. Oh, how I disagree! Blogging for me is a lifeline. Blogging is me time. It is time spent with good friends. For me blogging is terribly, terribly important.

In the past three weeks I've been too busy to write much, but I've lapped up your sweet messages and condolences like rain soaking into the parched sands of the desert. I've read them over and over. I've popped in to many of your blogs too - not to comment, but just so that I know what's happening in your lives and to keep some sanity in my own.

I live in a small country town. There are no homeschoolers and few Christians. As a family we are very private and keep to ourselves a good deal. You girls, to me, are my community. You are my friends. You make me happy.

Blogging makes me happy. And when I'm happy my family is happy. The ironing may not get done, but in the scheme of things does that really feature that highly? Not to me it doesn't.

I'll be away for the next ten days or so spending time with my Mum while Jemimah and her Daddy hit the slopes of Falls Creek for their annual Daddy-daughter ski trip. But there is no chance that I'll be gone for good. If I did that I'd lose all of you.

Thank you for hanging in there for me.

Thank you for leaving me nice messages.

Thank you for making me laugh.

Thank you for being my friend.

Thank you for being YOU!

With love,

Jeanne xxx


  1. Oh Jeanne,

    you made me cry. You have been such a wonderful blog friend. I am in much the same position as you. Very few home schooler's and very few Christians living where we live. I know that my blog community and friends are always there for me though in the hard times.

    I hope God really blesses you and your mother over the next ten days. I will miss your posts and popping into a peaceful day.


  2. Jeanne,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to post. I have been looking out for when you might feel up to posting again.
    I cannot imagine how harrowing the last couple of weeks have been. I trust the Lord is giving strength and comfort. Isn't it wonderful the way He provides all the earthly friends and comforts that we need.
    Do hope you have a lovely time with your Mum and that she is doing okay.
    (Tell you the truth, I am watching you with admiration as I know this time will come for me one day.) Like birth, death is one of the big milestones of life.
    thinking of you and looking forward to your return to regular broadcasts, I mean posting :-)

  3. Love you, friend.
    I hope you have a blessed time with your mum, know you'll probably be missing J & her daddy very much. Praying for you, and wishing I could have been there on Tuesday too.


  4. Dear Jeanne,
    You have a twaddle free blog, that's for sure! It has been a good excercise for me to write as I've never done it before (written, that is).I wanted to blog so I could show my family what we do as we are all spread out. Thanks for reminding me. I think you are doing a beautiful job as a daughter, mother and wife to your family. Take care Jeanne. Blessings, Renelle

  5. Jeanne, so lovely to read your heart-felt post and know just how you are holding up through all of this. Seems to me you are doing a great job, and exampling grace to those around you. I hope your time with yuor mum is special and healing in its own way. I hope you get to laugh and cry together. Sending you lots of hugs. You are such a beautiful blog friend! Hoping for lots of snow for Jemimah and her dad too :)


  6. Jeanne, it's so good to hear from you:) I have thought and prayed about you and your family several times over the past couple of weeks. Thank you for keeping us posted on how you are doing...and yes, I totally understand your need for blogging! I would be the same if I were in your situation - alone in a country town with no other h/s friends etc.
    BTW, your dad was a great man! We don't often know what impact a person has made until that sad time comes in their lives unfortunately and your dad's service was proof of the greatness of the man. I am sure it made you and your family very proud despite the pain.

  7. Seeing your post made me smile. Then I read it and cried! It was so heartfelt that I couldn't help it. In an entirely selfish way, I will miss you but you go and be with your mum and hold her even closer now. When you are ready to blog , I wll be here waiting to read it and missing you bunches! Penny

  8. Jeanne: We are isolated so my blogging community is hugely important to me. Friendships happen. I prayer partner with someone I met on~line who has become a very dear friend.

    When my dad died God gave me psalm 68:5. May it bless you as much as it blessed me in a time of mourning. ♥

  9. Selfishly, I am just glad you're back! I have thought of you often and sent caring thoughts your way, knowing that you are surrounded by loving family and soaked in wonderful memories. But it has been very quiet and bland in your absence.

  10. Jeanne, it was wonderful to read such a heartfelt blog and knowing that there is a community within blogging for people who would be otherwise isolated it wonderful. I hope that you have a wonderful time with your mum over the coming days.

  11. Oh, Jeanne, you are so far away in terms of space and time but so close to my heart. My heart has been aching for you and yours but rejoices with you as well for all that your dad is and has been to you and so, so many!


  12. What a beautiful post! I have never been to your blog and yet you had me crying with the rest. You are so right about blogging. Last month, when I thought my husband was going to die,I kept up my blog because I needed to talk to and hear from my friends.

  13. I always forget to hit the follow up button so I have to write again to do it.

  14. Oh, Jeanne so good to hear from you. I've been checking in every day to see how you are. Lovely post - encouraging and moving. I'm glad to be counted among your friends. As you know I don't blog but I certainly appreciate those who do - you have enriched me by giving me a real life example of AO and a full life.
    Enjoy the next few weeks - I'll be here when you return.

  15. Been missing "hearing" your voice Jeanne. I've been praying for comfort and peace for your family. Death is never easy, but we find comfort in the Perfect Plan of our Father. There are no mistakes in His Plan so there are no doubts for us.

  16. You have brighten up many of my days with your blog posts. xo

  17. Even knowing that our loves ones are with Christ in heaven doesn't stop the pain, but it does mean that one day you will all meet up again and that is such a wonderful thought.

    May God give you and your family the comfort that you need. In Gods care.


  18. What beautiful words you have written to us all. I for one feel so blessed to have had the privilige to get to know you. I love reading your blogs and feel a little closer to you each time I read them. You're an inspiration with your words of wisdom and bubbly sense of humour that everyone admires and are drawn to.

    Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to know you.

    God bless.

    JEN xx

  19. I agree Jeanne, the community I have made through blogging friends is invaluable - particularly as we might need to move in the near future and not sure where to. So while the lovely friends I have in real life here may change, it is refreshing and comforting to know that blogging friends can remain the same.

    God bless you and your time with your Mum.

    Sending love

  20. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost a close uncle of mine last summer, and I'm also losing my Dad to a terminal illness, so we know all about that kind of sorrow. You and your family will be in my prayers.


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