19 Aug 2010

When it rains

When it's rainy and cold outside, snuggle up under a huggly cuggly Grannie and listen to the sound of the rain on the roof. That's what we do.

It's what we did yesterday, cos boy, did it rain! And rain. And rain. And rain. When you've lived in drought your whole entire life like Jemimah has, then that's pretty rare. Pretty exciting too. Especially when the drains block and the road floods and the poor council workers have to come and clear them. That's really exciting. Quite thrilling even!

As things have spiralled out of control in recent weeks I've found myself more and more drawn to the simple pleasures of life. My family and my home have assumed their rightful place at the top of my priorities. I've spent more time cuddling on the sofa with Jemimah reading books or knitting or crocheting Grannie. We've eaten toast and Vegemite hot from the toasting fork and the open fire, butter dripping through our fingers. We've baked. Pikelets, chocolate freckles, scones, cup-cakes and other tasty treats have graced our table for a moment before being consumed by the hungry hoards. We've cuddled, we've laughed and we've drunk champagne. And pots of tea and big steaming mugs of freshly ground coffee.

On days like yesterday this all sounds like a perfectly legitimate way to spend the day.

We started with winter warming bowls of porridge. My Dad's favourite. Salt, of course, and brown sugar.

Maths was certainly more fun wearing a princess dress as a hat. As you do...

Then you have to do lots of Aussie folk dancing to warm up.


Of course.

Hot cheese toasties with the Colonel for lunch. Mmmmmmm

Then more snuggling. As you do. When it's cold outside.

Today it is sunshiny. Which is good, because it's hockey tonight. Kids who have lived their whole lives in drought don't take too kindly to playing games in the rain. And this mum doesn't relish being a spectator in the cold either. I'm the one who stays home when the others go to the snow, remember? Cold? Ugh! I'm looking forward to a little bit of spring sunshine.

And now I must go. We're off for a nature walk along the river. It's flowing now you know. And that's treat enough as it is.

If you've lived your whole life in a drought.


  1. Rain is such a beautiful thing to listen to and perfect for snugling, it sounds like you had a wonderful day. I love the pictures of your Princess.

    Spring is not to far away....

  2. Brillant day! We love the rain. We don't get to see it very often either. We get about 3 inches a year.

    I am so ready for autumn weather. Your chilly rain looks lovely compared to our 102 degree blazing sunshine.

  3. It looks like a wonderful way to spend the day. My kids were very entertained with Jemimah's hat. It inspired them, even. :)

  4. A good snuggle made even better by the rain and that fantastic Granny!

    The juxtaposition of our lives really is something. Only a downright downpour will convince Luca that it actually is raining and he must -- really and truly -- come in.

    ...and I thought your whole home was a 'Worry Free Zone!'

  5. Now that looks like the Perfect Day!

  6. My first Aussie friends taught me about how well cheese and Chutney go together. All though it's wildly expensive here I still buy peach chutney for my toasted cheese sandwiches. Here people often slather butter on the outside or melt butter in a frying pan and "grill" the sandwich--I prefer the toasted kind without all the extra fat!

  7. I'm a little behind schedule in reading this blog, it still was perfect timing. We are just starting our rainy season here and it can go on and on and on and on. I loved your attitude towards the rain. I was also entrigued at the name "Grannie" for what we call an afghan. Is that local, or throughout all of Australia? It does make so much sense, especially since all my blankets like that were knit by a Gramma!


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