24 Sep 2010

Bali Highlights

Enjoying a private Balinese dance performance by the local girls from Kedewatan village
Celebrating my birthday early with a Balinese feast in a private balé overlooking the Ayung Valley
Talking Indonesian textiles for hours with the wonderful Jean Howe from Threads of Life in Ubud and going home with a beautiful sekomandi from Sulawesi

Relaxing by the pool
Time to read
Walking barefoot in the warm torrential rain hand-in-hand with his favourite girls

Riding elephants at Taro
Balinese Dance Classes with the local girls from Kedewatan
Learning to body surf at Legian
(Potentially Waterbom Park - we're going tomorrow!)


  1. Ha...I'm the first to comment! Sounds cool, especially the dancing bit! Loves ya! xxx

  2. Happy birthday in advance to you:)

  3. Sensational! Enjoy the last of your jaunt and "see" you soon.

  4. Oh, my word, you're living my dream.

    But WHEN are you coming home?? I miss you! (she wailed, thinking only of herself)

  5. Riding the elephants sounds like heaps of fun!

    Hope you have plenty of photos to share with us on your return...


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