12 Sep 2010

Happy cakes

Don't you just love the colours you can make icing nowadays? In my youth there was just cochineal. It made a pretty light pink, but add one drop too many and your cakes would become the most startling shade of purply pinkiness that just was not attractive at all, not even when disguised with white coconut. Remember? Kinda reminds me of the Milton the Monster opening:
Narrator: "On top of old Horror Hill, in a secret laboratory,
Professor Weirdo and Count Kook were in their monstrous glory."

Professor Weirdo: "Six drops of essence of terror,
Five drops of sinister sauce."
Count Kook: "When the stirring's done, may I lick the spoon?"
Professor Weirdo: "Of Course, Ha ha, of course;
Now for the tincture of tenderness, but I must use only a touch;
For without a touch of tenderness it might destroy me, oops, too much;
Better hold your breath it's starting to tick."
Count Kook: "Better hold my hand I'm feeling sick!"
Milton: "Hello Daddy."
Professor Weirdo: "What have I done?"
Milton: "I'm Milton, your brand new son!"
Hmmmmm, Evidence of my telly-filled childhood there.

I digress. Sorry.

These pretty cakes of Jemimah's just make me happy. I love her quirky colour combinations - purple sprinkles on pink; yellow on blue; pink on yellow. So much more interesting than the nice pale pastel offerings that grown-ups produce.

I thought I'd leave them here as something pretty to look at while I'm gone. I hope they make you a little bit happy too.


  1. These little delights look lovely, I agree the colour combinations are perfect, I love them! Thanks for leaving them for us to see while you are away having a most wonderful time.....

  2. Very gorgeous Jemimah! I thought you were not blogging anymore for a couple of weeks! Can't help yourself eh! lol Have a great holiday! xxx

  3. Lovely cakes, Jemimah! I love how the frosting is oh-so-carefully dolloped atop each one. And I see the same color combinations chez nous!

  4. absolutely gorgeous Jemimah! I wish I could reach my hand out and grab one of them, but alas:(

  5. I made lamingtons cupcakes yesterday - same recipe as lamingtons, but made as cupcakes instead and covered with chocolate incing and shredded coconut - a favourite of my family.


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