30 Sep 2010

Dah winnah!

I'm really excited to announce the winner of my book give-away.

I used a random number generator and it came up with #14. And who do you think the 14th comment was from?

My dear friend Ruby!

I'm so pleased. And I didn't even rig the draw.

Congratulations, Mamma Ruby. I hope you enjoy Stephanie McPhee's writing style as much as I do. Your book is on its way.

The rest of you will just need to read what the Yarn Harlot is up to on her blog. She's renovating her stash room this week. Single handed.

Sounds tiring to me. Glad I only have to read about it.


  1. That's ok. Ruby will lend me her copy when she's done, won't you Rubt? ;D Congrats on your prize. Couldn't have gone to a nicer gal.

  2. Congratulations to Ruby! How in the world did I miss this giveaway? I have to get with it!

  3. WooHoo!!!! I am officially a Nit Wit!
    Thank you so much Jeanne and the number generator.
    Ganeida, you will be first on the list to pass it on and who ever else can have it then. Pressure will be on me to get it read :-)

  4. I believe some~one has a birthdat today? Happy Birthday, Jeanne!


    Don't worry Sue somehow I missed it too. Must have been a bit scatterbrained this week!

    Blessings, Renelle


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