3 Sep 2010

My boring life?


Remember me? I used to blog here on a daily basis once.

It is now one week since my computer died. I have a whole camera full of photos to show you and I can't download them. There are posts hiding in those pictures about cooking, crochet, dance, gardening, books, homeschool and family. They're posts about the minutiae of my ordinary domestic life. And you know that's what I like to talk to you about most - the boring stuff - the stability of the daily rhythms of my Peaceful Life in the country. Somehow without those photos I just can't get inspired to write. The old clunky laptop doesn't help much either. And so I've been silent.

Only it hasn't really been an ordinary peaceful boring week. There's been lots happening - good, bad and ugly - and so I thought I would drop in sans photos to update you on what's been going on around here. For what that's worth.

Perhaps you've all left me anyhow - for more exciting places - blogs where something happens. Blogs about lives that are not boring. Perhaps, but I hope not. I'd hate not hearing from you all, and if I don't blog nobody comments and I pine. Anyhow it hasn't been boring this week at any rate, so at least today you'll have something to read about, even if you can't see the pictures. For those you'll have to be patient. Which is something I'm not feeling at all.

This week:

  • The computer, the oven, the sandwich maker and the vacuum cleaner have all died. Now to be honest, having no vacuum cleaner doesn't worry me unduly, but having no oven does. Especially since it decided to die halfway through baking a loaf of bread. This is bad.
  • Also bad is the fact that the smoke alarm battery decided to start beeping its 'getting flat' alarm at 2 o'clock this morning. Why does this always happen in the middle of the night? Are they programmed at the factory to do this?
  • Jemimah decided that this was the week to purge her room of all toys that she has outgrown or tired of. The tidy room is sublimely good; the heap of toys that she has haphazardly piled on the laundry floor for me to sort into opp shop/bin/family piles is bad.
  • My Treloar rose order arrived in the post and I have planted out 11 Abraham Darby along the front fence and 6 Felicia along the fence in the English garden along with sundry other varieties in other places. This is decidedly good.
  • I have begun pruning the 100s of older roses. You may remember that this is a task that I loved doing with my dear Dad, so this job has been decidedly bittersweet. Lots of tears because he's not here with me, but lots of great memories too. I am determined to do a job that he would be proud of.
  • Jemimah danced in her Jazz Ballet concert and looked beautiful. You will need to wait for pictures of this. She looked beautiful and the dancers were great. This was really good.
  • My dear Mum came to stay last weekend to watch Jemimah dance. This was wonderfully fantastic, of course.
  • Our older daughter - the one I don't blog about - was rushed to hospital with meningitis. This was very terrible.
  • The diagnosis turned out to be the viral type of the illness which is much milder and rarely fatal, rather than bacterial meningitis, which has a terrible prognosis, and she is now back home nursing a bad viral illness but otherwise unscathed. This is a wonderful answer to prayer.
  • We celebrated the 60th birthday of one of our homegroup members with cake and singing prior to our study of the wonderful word hesed, as part of our study of Jonah. This was good.
  • We ate chicken curry served with Thai sweet and sour vegetables with friends. The bok choy, broccoli, coriander, tomatoes and lemongrass were harvested from our own Kitchen Garden. This was good.
  • The freesias are flowering and I have lovely little scented bouquets through the house. This is lovely!
  • I have mastered the Ripple, and my ripply blanket of cuddly goodness is now about a foot long. I can't wait to show you this. I do hope you will ooh and aah over it with me. This is frivolously fun.
  • Grannie is not yet finished. I am not liking the sewing in of all those hundreds of ends one little bit. This is bad. We are using her though, and she is beautifully warm and cuddly, despite being rather hairy, so this is a good thing.
  • Literacy Lava 6 was published. This is definitely good. You can get your copy by clicking on the button in my right sidebar there. Can you see it? That's it above 'your say'. Nobody has told me what they thought of my article on travel with kids. That is bad. Or maybe it is my article that is bad and you're too polite to say. That is possible.
  • My sister accompanied hubby and me to the current Australian Ballet production, Edge of Night. I love the ballet, I love my husband, and I love spending time with my sister. All good.
  • One of my bloggy friends booked flights for her family to come and stay with us in December. This is absolutely wonderful!
  • Hubby has developed tennis elbow. This is bad.
  • I have mastered the art of no-knead bread. I will share this with you when I can show you the pics, but I am so proud of myself. This is yummily good.
  • Last but not least, we have booked a holiday to Bali and Moyo Island in Indonesia. We will be leaving next weekend, and will be away two weeks. I will leave you to decide which word best describes this announcement for yourselves, but I'll give you a hint - it is definitely not ugly.
See? Not boring this week at all. I wonder what next week will bring.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Very glad to see that the goods and wonderfuls out number the bads! You must do a post on roses (or direct me to a past one if there's one I've forgotten). I have a horrible time with roses. Is it possible to succeed with roses on a balcony anyway? I'd love to read your tips for lovely roses!

  2. Jeanne: Missing you something terrible. So glad you posted. I wish I was rich enough to book a ticket to Melbourne ~ which is a long way from here even as the crow flies ~& stay in your peaceful home ~ only then it wouldn't be peaceful any more because I can't honestly say anywhere that has my Star & I in it is very peaceful. She is extroverted & my introversion has an extroverted side that Star brings out because it is hard to be all extroverted by yourself.And now I am gabbling because you might hang round a bit longer if I keep talking....only I'm sick & have a sore throat & I really need to tuck me up in bed so I eill go & do that & hope you're still talking to me next time I find my computer. ☺

  3. Awesome to hear from you, and I check into your blog everyday, so it's great to hear what is going on around your home! A holiday away for you all...what a blessing that will be! xxx

  4. Look at your week - Do you really need a virtual belly rub?! I must get to sleep but I'll be by to fawn over you with the others very soon. xo

  5. ooh. I'd love to come and visit you! very fun. well, I've been gone and otherwise occupied so I've been missing you even though you weren't gone yet. now that I'm finally catching up and have made my way over here only to find out that you're leaving I'm on the verge of despondent.

    I always look forward to catching up with you so I'll be back again ;) I hope you have an amazing time!

    amy in peru

  6. I'm still here too Jeanne although I have virtually given up blogging myself. Too much blog fodder and not enough time!

    You have an older daughter? I'm curious! How old is she? Is she/was she hsed? (Unless of course you prefer not to say, which is, of course, fine)

  7. First off your post title made me smile because I know from your blog your life is anything but boring:)
    Secondly, the post did make that point didn't it!
    I always forget about your older kids(though I know you have them) because I only ever see Jemimah on your blog! Praise God your older dd's sickness was not fatal!
    and now to your holiday....have a good one!

  8. Boring...snoring!
    If Jeanne has a boring life then the rest of us are....well, pretty much already in the grave. You have the most exciting, interesting life of anyone I know. IRL and in Blogland!
    Hmmm...Bali looks fantastic!
    Love all the highs but sorry to hear about the lows. I know you must be missing your Dad. That bitter sweet feeling is such a comfort sometimes, isn't it. You will always have your roses to remind you of him. That is special.
    Your big girl's sickness is alarmed. Will add her recovery to my prayer list.

    P.S. Looks as though I drew the long straw♥

  9. Could your life be any more boring!
    Well fancy that you have another daughter that was my wow factor next to going on another holiday awesome. I would holiday most of the year if I could. Be safe. Glad to see the goods outwiegh the bads. Renelle

  10. I would read you even without images - your writing is even better than "definitely good."

    Your LL article was "absolutely wonderful." Comforting to find your writing style in the midst of others. I'll call that "a good thing."

    Lovely to read about the good, the bad and the not even close to boring.

  11. That photo is gorgeous! I hope you have a fantastic vacation. :)

    Thanks, too, for your kind comment on my blog.

  12. Oh, Jeanne, we haven't forgotten you!
    Enjoy your Indonesian holiday :)

  13. I can relate Jeanne. Why is it that all appliances seem to break down at once. We have 3 TVs here now all with problems with their images, the old dinosaur PC is giving up the ghost - but I need it for e-Tax. Why won't they have something downloadable for Macs? The frig has broken shelving, my washing basket has fallen apart. Luckily our oven is working but I have been without that over the last two winters before the element was replaced.

    Thinking of you

  14. I love how you get your words out.

  15. Oh, Jeanne, what a wonderful post. You prefectly demonstrated how details make up our lives (with a few bumps along the way -- like your dd's illness).

    I am glad to be back at home (as opposed to Maine) where I can check my favorite blogs as often as I like and "take part in" my friends' lives.



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