8 Sep 2010

Of course I bake my own bread!

I must admit I've always felt a little bit guilty that I've never baked my own bread. It always seems to me that bread baking is one of those things that one must do if one is to call oneself a reasonably efficient home maker. Which I do. But I don't make bread.

It's all the waiting that gets to me. That and the kneading. I'm too lazy and too impatient for bread. Plus, I don't like yeast cookery much. Too temperamental or something. Or maybe that's me.

Anyhow, this leaves me purchasing decent looking and expensive loaves from classy looking French boulangeries and pretending that I've baked them myself. Well, not quite, but I'm always tempted, and if you don't ask and just assume, well that's not my problem, is it?

Well, a couple of weeks ago Mum went to Irene's for lunch, and was served the most delicious looking and tasting bread that Irene had made her very own self. In five minutes. True. Apparently Irene got the recipe from Sarah who got it from...well, actually I don't know where Sarah got it from, but she got it from somewhere. Irene gave it to Mum, and Mum gave it to me, and now I can proudly say that I make my own bread for real.

It is crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside and it makes excellent toast. It is just perfect.

So, would you like the recipe? Yes, I thought you would. You'll find it here.

Do give it a go. It really is the easiest thing to make. Easy enough for me even. And I've never been bothered before.

Once you've made your loaf, here's how to eat it - toasted with lashings of delicious butter and Vegemite. Mmmmmmm, this stuff is the best.

Can't wait until they fix my oven.


  1. I love bread and this looks delicious!

    I have been looking for a good recipe to make with my little Princes, I will defiantly give this one a try, thank you.

  2. Mmmmm....that bread nurtures more than your body, it is food for the senses!

  3. Now that is some beautiful bread! Max was captivated as well and is up for trying Vegemite.

    I'm off to look at the recipe.

  4. Okay, Jeanne, I'm assuming a baking stone is necessary. That I don't have. We just bake on a cookie sheet. Let me know if you know otherwise.

  5. That's some beautiful bread! I go back and forth on this one...I do make french bread often, but I tend to buy our sandwich bread in bulk from the bread store.

  6. I don't use a baking stone, Richele. I just put the bread directly onto the base of my griller. If you don't have solid trays in your oven, I think a metal biscuit tray would be fine. What's a cookie sheet? If that is metal, then it is probably what I mean.

    This bread is truly foolproof, I think!

    Don't spread your vegemite quite as thinkly as mine, Maxie.

  7. Hi Jeanne,
    Hope your cleanup is going ok!
    Your bread looks delicious! I've been baking Artisan Bread in 5 for about 18 months now. I have both their books. I think the best loaf I ever made was done inside the dutch oven. It had the thinnest, crispiest crust. Usually we just bake it on our metal cookie/baking trays, but the crust is definitely thicker that way. It's beautiful fresh and as toast the next day, if there's any left around here! They have a delicious olive oil dough recipe too, which we've used for pizza, focaccia, even caramel scrolls. I always make up a double batch for the weekend, for quick pizza, focaccia or even breadsticks to go with soup.

  8. Ooh yes, Rachael, that all sounds wonderful. We've only made bread and pizza bases, but we're loving it!

  9. Looks YUM!!! Smothered in just real butter is what I love! Good on you Jeanne! Even in the midst of trials in yoru life you continue to press on, your incredible! Thinking of you and praying on a daily basis! Our time in Geelong is coming to an end! Do you plan on going to Melbourne anytime soon? I should send you a direct email eh, instead of asking these questions on your blog. I feel rather exctied today and I just cannot stop typing. okay I'm leaving! CYA xxx p.s good post as usual!

  10. MMMMmmmmm nothing like bread straight out of the oven. I used to bake my own bread until the 3rd child came along! I became time-poor. :) I must start doing it again. This may just be the motivation I need. xo

  11. Yum. Thanks for the link. I'll let you know if I try it!

  12. Oh YUM! I have a bread machine and it has been good for putting everything in and forgetting about it, but it isn't the same as real handmade bread. I will definitely give that recipe a go! Very clever.

  13. PS How on earth did you bake it if your oven is broken?! Magical powers.

  14. Are Rebecca, that's what we 'Jeannes' do, you know...it's the magical Jeanne lamp!!

    (Actually it's one I prepared earlier before the oven died.)

  15. wow, thanks so much Jeanne for this! I wasn't expecting you to think of us and our selfish requests for this recipe while you're still recovering from the floods! but there you go...you are generous as always!
    I'm definitely going to try this out. I have a bread maker but don't like the bread it makes though Ron does. So this is me trying to find a different way to make home made bread that hopefully I'll like though if you recommend it I'm sure I'd like it!
    btw, are you guys still going on your holiday soon? just wondering with the floods and all....

  16. I LOVE this bread! I've been baking it for over a year now. Sometimes I use a stone and sometimes not. The bread also turns out very nice when bakes on a large cast iron skillet.

    I haven't tried the olive oil dough yet - thanks for mentioning it, Rachael!


  17. I can SMELL that bread with its melted better and Vegemite - my mouth is watering. I must give it a try:)

  18. I found their gluten-free version and it's not bad but even better I found a modified version to make gluten free cinnamon rolls at www.wasabimon.com and these with a bit of modification of my own were fantastic! yum - thanks

  19. I was just heading to pre heat my oven when I read the word 'vegemite'...

    it is an acquired taste I think ;)

    the bread looks scrumptious, and yes crunchy outside, soft inside... I'll be checking out the recipe!

    amy in peru

  20. jeanne.

    I've used your picture (with credit of course) until further notice... I wanted to get permission first, but I've misplaced your e-mail and well, I had to post about bread TODAY...

    here's the post:

    please let me know how you feel about this... because I have no problem searching the net for a different post, I just thought immediately of this post because YOUR bread looked so scrumptious! ;)

  21. But do you grind your own wheat, Jeanne? That's really what separates the homemakers from the wannabes. Or so I hear. HA!


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