12 Oct 2010

Bali braids!

Hey, thanks for all the nice comments about Jemimah's braids. No, I was not the silly bunny who did them for her.

For those of you you are unaware, braided hair is one of the things that you must do when you're eight and a half and on holidays in Bali. It's kinda up there with fake tats for the boys and red raw sunburn lines for the teens. Anybody who is anybody has them. Some particularly Ockerish girls have all three. Actually, quite a lot of young Aussies have all three...boys and girls. But not us, in case you're wondering.

Anyhow, we tried to avoid the braid phenomenon for a few days. Then a couple of the young ladies in our hotel did the plaits for free and we discovered just how wonderfully practical a braided hairstyle is when you're swimming and fishing and playing in the sand. When the lacky bands started perishing on the first lot of plaits, we had it done a second time. Professionally.

It took about an hour.

It was a lot of fun at first.

But then it got b.o.r.i.n.g.

Icecream helps. (Doesn't it always?)

Finally it was done.



  1. Great pictures, Jeanne! Thanks for sharing just how your lovely daughter got this beautiful look.

  2. Absolutely, it's THE thing to do in Bali. I think as a girl I wanted to go to Bali *just* to get my hair braided like that, it was *so cool*
    (though I've still never been there).

  3. Hurrah indeed.

    Apparantly they do this kind of thing in Uganda as well. I am a little concerned for myself. Perhaps they will have icecream for me if I succumb to the pressure!

    Looks lovely, by the way.

  4. When Star was 8 I was the silly bunny who braided her hair! It is a wonderfully effecient hairstyle but it does take time! lol Jemimah's braids look wonderful.

  5. How hard are they to remove?

  6. yes I can see Rebekah wanting that too when she's 8!
    btw, I just learned that even girls have fake tattoos, yes, we got a warning in Rebekah's dance studios letter that no fake tattoos were allowed for exams:)

  7. I'll let you know, Jo. Pretty bad, I'll hazard.

  8. Very awesome, thanks for sharing the story! xxx

  9. I love the story in pictures of Jemimah's braids. I seem to remember a very similar event when we went to Bali although I was a little older than 8 lol....! They aren't too hard to remove, it just takes a little time and then the final result is very fuzzy 'affro' hair about 4 times the size it is normally....! I have pics to prove it!

  10. That looks like a long process - a good book would have been helpful. She is so adorable, Jeanne!

  11. :) makes me smile. I was about 8 or so when I had the braid craving... only I never went to Bali ;)

    it is pretty handy especially on vaca...

    amy in peru

  12. The braids are GREAT! And so much better than a fake tramp stamp that shows when you sit down in your too-low jeans! [YES, I saw preschooler with one!]

  13. I always wanted my hair in braids when I was a liitle girl. Looks great. xo

  14. We call that style of braid corn rows and not every beautician can do them either. I know because I called a good many of them.

    My daughter wanted them done for YEARS. Finally, when we went on vacation, she had her hair done in Florida. (Pictures and vacation updates are still coming on my blog.)

    She just did the front. It was really cute.


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