22 Oct 2010

Happy weekend!

Have a nice weekend, everybody.

We've a nice lazy weekend planned, enjoying our glorious spring weather and catching up with my siblings and their families for bubbles, Thai food and some craic on Saturday night. .

Might fit in a little bit of book browsing as well, maybe. Hopefully. That would make my weekend especially nice.

What's going on in your life? Is the weather delightfully fine where you are? Jemimah has The Princess Pea coming for a sleepover, so she is blissfully happy. Are you?


  1. After two cloudy/ rainy days it is absolutely glorious here today. Looking forward to a busy but nice weekend. Having a great day. No more information....sorry. You never know I might have to blog about it some time.
    Love the flowers but the hammock is calling!

  2. Well, it rained & rained & rained & got really cold so just for a changed the rain actaully stopped & the sun came out ~ sorta; so today we're steaming. Tomorrow we are mainland rehearsing for the Gothic & I'm still catching up on my washing. Wanna swap?

  3. Lovely weekend coming up for you all! My two nieces are here and my delightful 8 month old great nephew is here bringing us so much joy. Beach, coffee, movies, BBQ's rolling around on the floor with bubby, that's our weekend. xxx

  4. Beautiful weather so far but rain forecast for the weekend, just when I wanted to garden. It won't ruin the weekend though.

  5. Hi Jeanne,

    Well, my husband is working this weekend and my friend and I are going to go to a few garage sales Saturday morning. I have to give a presentation today in front of about 200 people, so I'll be glad when that's over. I have to start getting my beehives ready for winter. It's fall here, so the warm days are coming to an end. I don't mind too much because it gives me more time for knitting and sewing. I posted my ripple blanket. Have a nice weekend. (I like your blog - I have a lot of catching up to do!) I'm glad you found me through Cee Lew. I'm sure she is busy right now.


  6. That does sound like a wonderful plan for the weekend in spring! I think we might actually have a similar weekend in fall! : )


  7. It is bee-you-tee-ful here, Jeanne, highs in the 70s and lows in the 40s. The girls are at my parents' for a sleepover until tomorrow evening, so I have big plans: cleaning out the closets and straightening the study. Yippee!


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