16 Oct 2010

Spring flowers and snakes and...

Brrrrr, we're back to winter woollies around here. Skivvy and leggings and a big grey huggly jumper for me yesterday. With slippers. All day. And a fire. Mmmmmmmmm.

I haven't forgotten that it's spring though. One glance out the window at the wisteria reminds me of that, loud and clear. Yum. It smells so beautiful.

Here's a close-up so that you can have a sniff. Breathe deeply, now...

See? Divine, isn't it?

The fragrant flowers of spring are amongst my favourite things. We have boronia scenting the deck, and sweet peas in a little arrangement on the kitchen table. Soon the fragrant old fashioned roses will be in bloom, followed by the gardenia, just in time for Christmas. Hurray!

I love highly scented posies on my bedside table. I know that many people don't, but I like being able to smell the flowers if I waken during the night. Sorta makes it worth having woken up. A waft of the spicy scent of little white 'pinks' is there right now.

On my desk is the last of the freesias. They're fragrant as well, but in a more sweet old fashioned way. I guess I can't say that they're favourites as well, can I? (Although they are.)

Our local agricultural show is on this weekend. Always something exciting happening at The Show. One year it was five legged sheep. Another year it was a display of venomous snakes that the kids could wind around their necks like scarves. How do you explain to your child that yes, this particular brown snake is okay to kiss and cuddle with, but the ones you see in the garden are rather best avoided? Especially since they're supposed to be the second most venomous snake in the world. Ugh. Too be honest, I didn't like the deformed sheep much either.

We'll be spending most of today there if it doesn't rain, so I shall report any strange and wonderful sightings on Monday. Okay? Jemimah, of course, has been saving her pennies for the dodgem cars and the show bags. And the fairy floss. Moi? I prefer the quilts and the Devonshire teas. Beloved gets terribly excited about the steam engines. Oh well, it takes all types. Always something for everyone at The Show. Especially mud. And probably rain. (Note to self: Do not wear slippers.)

That's about all from us. Bread baking in the oven for brekky. All other meals at The Show. (See how it is capitalised? That's to give it gravitas, because The Show is important.) There's always a lamb on a spit at an Aussie show, don't you know? Mostly it's pretty delicious too, especially with a glass of the local red. I'll have a glass for you. But not two. I am not nice with two glasses of red, and one must always keep one's self nice at The Show.

What are you up to this weekend? Is it cold where you are? What are you wearing? What fragrant flowers are blooming in your garden? Do you like a glass of Aussie red? Are you happy?

I am. Can you tell?


  1. Hi Jeanne,
    I love Wisteria too, yours are gorgeous!
    Enjoy the show!
    We are doing the usual Saturday clean up around the house and late I'll do the grocery shopping and hopefully make it to a quilting exhibition. Eeuwe is painting our new room, not long to go before we move in now!

  2. I loooove your flowers! I'm sure they smell positively divine!

  3. Wow Jeanne, is that YOUR garden? It's gorgeous. I *love* wisteria. We had a large wisteria once, in another house, another time. It was so beautiful. One of my favourite climbers of all time.

    I'm having a quiet weekend as my dh is still away. Two weeks down, 4 weeks left to go. (Then he'll be home)

    Yes it is cold here in SA. I am wearing some old sport pants and a t-shirt.

    I'm afraid that we live in suburbia and the only thing that is worthy of a mention is the blossoming, decorative almond trees that line the roads in our street. Oh, I did have a few jonquils in the backyard a few weeks back and they were beautiful.

    I really do enjoy a glass (or three. Oops, did I say that our loud?)

    I'm feeling a little pensive.

    Yes, I can tell :)

  4. I wish blogger had a scratch-n-sniff widget!

    Your flowers are so beautiful, I was just imagining myself sitting in your garden and reading. But, in reality, I would be enjoying the sights and smells so much, I don't think I'd get much reading done.

    On the west coast of the US, we are just entering our winter rainy season. I still have a few lingering flowers blooming, and will be cutting my lavender for drying soon. This fall I have been planting more succulents so I have foliage through the dismal, gray, rainy winter.

  5. I can a.l.m.o.s.t smell them.

    It has turned cold and rainy here. We moved the potted herbs from outside into the sun room.

    The first fire of the season is lit and I've just changed into fleece. Guess I'll go pour myself one of those adorable Aussie reds now.

    Enjoy The Show!

  6. I love wisteria ~ & gardenia & morayia, & night jasmine & anything else that gets up a good pong in the garden...ok, not fish emulsion no matter how good it is for the roses but anything bloomy & smelly gets my vote.

    It is blowing like the clappers up here [I need to find another metaphor 'cause I believe that one's not quite nice] & really cold & nasty again.

    I am plowing through my notes on Hosea & am about to go chat with the Lord about it all ~ upstairs where it's warm & sunny. I shall probably fall asleep in the middle. D'ya think God will mind?

  7. Beautiful flowers.

    A show sounds lovely. Would make a great day out actually after all this cold and rain that we've had, being cooped up in the van with all the children.

    LOL on the five legged sheep. What are they doing with them to breed them that way? ( It was probably pure chance and accident ) Trying to get more leg roasts for sale? LOL

    Just relaxing today, going to visit a new church tomorrow.

  8. The Show!!! Strange that no matter what part of the country one lives in, it will most likely rain for The Show?
    I am dazzled by the beauty of your garden, especially after the recent devastation!
    Keep off that red wine now, won't you. Stick to that giggly, bubbly stuff you favour! ♥

  9. Oh yes, the Geelong show, great memories flood back to my mind of watching the fireworks from our front window in Breakwater and listening to my brothers telling me how they jumped the fence to get in! The flowers are delightful, my husband picked me two of my Just Joey roses this morning and the perfume is just divine! xxx

    oh, and I am wearing black leggings with a torquoise long jumper thingy and a white scarf...man it's cold!

  10. It is icy cold in my part of the world, probably snowing on the mountains. It rained all day yesterday but the sun has finally popped through the afternoon. My garden is ablaze with flowers so I know it is spring and one day my hanging Wisteria will fill garden with scent, it is too small at the momomet to have any impact. It is one of my favorite flowers. I picked my first rose last night, placed it in a vase and when I got up this morning my carpet was beautifully covered in rose petals - thanks Ruby. She had a wonderful time and had no idea why I was cross.

  11. So you sent this cold weather up our way! it was warm here yesterday and today it's back to winter!
    I was delighted to see your garden as I was wondering about that after the recent floods.
    Having a quiet saturday with Rebekah as dh is out with the kid he mentors.

  12. Beautiful. I wonder if it feels strange to you have all the bloggers north of the equator celebrating autumn while you are in the middle of spring....

  13. Hee Hee - half the world is south of the equator!!!!!!!!

  14. Hi Jeanne,

    I love how you worded this post - you made everything sound so delightful! I'm so glad to hear you're happy. I'm happy too! God is good!
    This weekend we had my daughter's 13th birthday which was daunting to think we now have a teenager on our hands. Eek!
    It has been extremely cold here and our heater decided to have a break (much to our disgust) but after a swift kick, it's back in action again. Hehe
    I've been wearing my black wooly jacket most days when we brave the brisk, chilly air outside.
    We currently don't have any flowers in our garden because the five gum trees we had taken down recently crushed them. Although we have bought some lovely natives to plant, my favourite being the Japanese Maple so I'm looking forward to seeing that grow.
    And to answer your last question - I'm not a wine drinker at all sorry. I just can't take to the taste at all, but give me Grapefruit juice and I'm fine.

  15. Jeanne, lovely post. I love wisteria and a glass of red, myself. I hope you had a lovely time at The Show (and the gravitas bestowed by the capitals is, I'm sure, expected and quite correct).

    Where we are, the days are glorious: leaves changing, the sky a brilliant blue, a light breeze, and cooler temperatures. But since spring is my favorite season, I envy you your pinks and wisteria...

  16. LOL, you are certainly right about that.

    Anyway, it is not cold here yet, but it is definitely autumn. The weather is very nice!

  17. My, those flowers are GORGEOUS! I'm jealous...


  18. Lovely flowers! Wish I can also arrange beautiful flowers like that. I want to learn how to arrange flowers cause it so interesting. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing!



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