6 Nov 2010

Decisions, decisions

Argh! I need your help, girlies:

iPad, Kindle, both or neither?

(Why would be good too...)


  1. Hi Jeanne:)

    We're going through the same decision for our daughter, and then which model!

    Here is a comparison of the Kindle, Nook or I-pad

    apparently though a Nook is no go in Aust, which you must have discovered, as did I.

    (The kindle is better for Aust. For a start, the 3G network only works within the US due to licensing restrictions. Add to that, you can’t use either the 3G or wireless of Nook to purchase ebooks from outside of the US without the use of some free third-party software. )

    If you do get a Kindle Jimmie has some great download links

    Love to know what you decide.

  2. I looked at these too when deciding and went with a Kindle. I think it really depends on what you want to use it for. The newer Kindles are nice but I have a Kindle 2 and love it. Have you the chance to look at one in person? I would definitely do that if you can. The ipad is nifty; a kid at our homeschool co-op brought in his and it is truly neat but it's a bit more than what I wanted it for. The Kindle is perfect for us. I love how it doesn't strain the eyes..at all. And if you were to get a DX (or the larger one) I can image the page would be pretty awesome.
    And there will people that disagree with me but I've found that I can find more books through Amazon for my Kindle than I could with the Nook. Of course, the compatibility of the nook to gutenberg and other sites that offer books for download is nice. You can use Calibre ebook management to easily download an ebook into any format that your ereader takes.
    I really like that the Kindle didn't have games and could only 'surf' the net limitedly (at least for me where I live). The Nook and Ipad can do more.
    And I see Silvia mentioned my compiling spot with AO books :) http://www.nlhome.weebly.com
    On the sites to download books for Kindle page http://nlhome.weebly.com/sites-to-download-books-for-kindle.html there are two even that are for Australia. Which you possibly already know about.
    But anyway, this had turned into a long comment and I didn't really even tell why I love the Kindle...I just do!

  3. I've been researching and pondering the same for over a year. I've come to my conclusion, and it may be different than yours, it would depend on your reasons. So here are mine.
    I want an ereader, the ipad is the best in terms of quality and functions, but its price it's more than I can pay. We are all frugal, I know you are too, Jeanne, but we work at different budget levels and mine might be lavish for many who can't afford something cheaper in price.
    Then the nook. It's color, but you didn't ask us to compare that!
    My pick is the KINDLE, why, because most of AO books (I'd say all that are free) are at the tip of your fingers, because you can with an easy program, convert word or pdf documents to ebooks you can read with it. Because it's only 139 (the model I'm buying), or only 200 the one with wiifi connection if you travel a lot and want to be able to upload books while away from your computer. Three because as a reader it's efficient, it's only black and white but it's not reading from a computer. Four because there are tons of books on compatible format not only the AO but many at Amazon and gutemberg project, and everywhere you can preview to see if you want to have a copy, or to read. Five because you have Amazon guarantee, and that means as Jimmie said they'll replace it if anything happens (and it may). It's the most popular (and while I don't care about that, the more users a product has the more books those users will make available and convert to Kindle format, and the better the product will become in subsequent versions, making it always possible to get the new and refurbish your old one for your daughters (mine are so small they'll welcome it when mom gets the new generation in years to come :-)
    And lastly because I've read and read, and apart from a few cons (such as comments that say it's a bit flimsy, not too compact, yet many welcome its light weight, and as Jimmie says it's a bit cold for cold China in the winter), everybody is in LOVE with their Kindle.
    All this and I don't even have one. Can you tell I'm not an impulsive buyer? But I'm certainly a passionate reviewer (yes, I admit I'm NUTS, ;-)

  4. I agree with Blossom, the ipad is more and it tends to distract children (and maybe moms) from only reading into doing more what we do by the computer, and I think for that I already have enough time. I don't want my ereader to rob me from reading time.

  5. We are going with a Kindle for Logan as an iPad is more than I'm willing to pay for a 13 yr old. With that said, all I am looking for him to be able to do is read on it. Plus, it is better able to be seen in bright sunshine which is an important aspect to us since we live in the Sunshine State. :)

  6. I have an iPad (64G 3G) and love it - it is far more than a iBook, I use it all the time, in particular if I quickly want to look something up on the net. I use it as a cookbook quite often - finding my recipes on-line. It means I don't need the large collection of cookbooks I currently own.

    I don't read books on it very much, maybe later on. However I have my Bible on the iPad and find it is very useful for my Bible reading in the evenings. I have downloaded a couple of books and found the process very easy and quick. I use KOBO as the source of my ebooks, they have a good range. Many of the classics are free from iTunes as well as other ebook sellers.

    Each month I purchase data access from Optus ($30 for 2G), but while at home I run the internet through our home broadband - wireless.

    It will be excellent when travelling - as it can carry movies, books, music, photos and games. I can read the newspaper, write documents and use all the resource tools. It does do much more than the ebooks. I wish I had it when the children were younger as there is so many apps available for children now. Some are very good.

    As we have Apple computers, using the iPad and iPhone it all works so well.

    Choice has done a test of eBook readers, it might be worth checking out their comments, I think it was sometime last year.

    It is worth having a play with any of the options you are considering to check out easy of using it, whether or not you like the glossy or matte surface, recharging etc...

  7. You've had lots of great advice, so why I'm butting in, I don't know! A good friend has an iPad, and it's really, really nifty. BUT. It's a pretty penny, too. And since I don't need all its bells and whistles but am looking for an e-reader, I'm going with the Kindle. (Or at least I will, when Himself gets it for me for Christmas!) My desktop computer is in a central location in my small home, I also have a laptop with wireless capabilities, and my mobile phone has access to the internet as well. So I really have no need for an iPad. Yet. :-)

  8. I am actually worried that both may take away the fresh smell of a brand new book on paper. I guess it will just take discipline! Still thinking about it!

  9. Aussie Readers, I have a question that may appear really basic;(I've only just started out) where in Australia do we buy Kindles?

  10. Sorry Jeanne, I don't speak that language.

  11. Hi Erin, I think you have to buy them from Amazon. Is that right, girls?

  12. Have you thought about an ipod as opposed to either the ipad or kindle? Its way cheaper than the ipad but can do most of the things that the ipad does, only on a smaller screen. I absolutely love it and use it so much just for organizing my life-calendars, menu apps., music..., but you can also read books on it, and buy many educational games for it as well.

    The new one even has a camera and video camera on it as well! Whats not to like??

  13. I vote neither....

    I have the kindle, but I live in a country where I can't easily get books in English. If you don't have a problem getting books in English, I would wait a while until things settle.

    Sometimes there are typos on the kindle. (Some books more than others.) They obviously don't put the same care as into a real-life book.

  14. We get the free wireless for Kindle all the way down here in Peru, so I guess I'd look into it a little more as far as that's concerned (I can't imagine that Australia is NOT covered...) I posted on this already, so I think my position is clear. I like Kindle.


    Our second one is on it's way down (a gift) in a week or two! woohoo!

    amy in peru

  15. I'm following this with interest as we have neither as yet and are only beginning to look into it. Let me know what you decide!

  16. Ditto to what Melanie said for me:)
    Jeanne, I believe you have to buy the kindle from amazon though I think Borders may also sell them? I vaguely remember reading something about that sometime ago:) or it may have been another e reader? sorry of not much help am I:) btw, I emailed you last week not sure if you got my email?

  17. I was totally committed to buying an iPad, counting down the days to when they arrived in Australia. But Mr Book Chook and the Book Chicken talked me out of it. Plus, I could see their reasoning. It seemed I would be better off with a new laptop and I couldn't justify both.

    But I still think they are great. So are Kindles and iPhones and iPods. The trick, as others have said, is working out what you want a gadget for, and then trying them out in real life if possible.

    When you're considering the iPad, one thing that very much impresses me is all the educational apps for it, some of which are free.

  18. My turn, my turn! I agree with The Book Chook - you need to first decide what you want it for in order to make that final decision of which to purchase.

    We're currently going through the same review process and as of this morning, are leaning toward the Kindle based mainly on blogger reviews. Target carries the Kindle here so Max and I went to try it out. Oh my, I was impressed. It does not have that "reading off the screen" yucky-feel.

    We also test-drove an iPad. Now you may have more self-control than most, Jeanne, but I don't know how many books would get read with all those other bells and whistles around.

  19. I love my Kindle!

    Many of the AO books are available for free, and some mom even put up a site with all the AO books she could find. (Note that some are listed as free on her site, with a link to Amazon.... but the price depends on the country.... in Canada some of the ones she said was free was a couple of dollars - but I could generally find them on Project Gutenberg....

    It is inexpensive, it LOOKS amazing, the battery life is good, I can access my email and calendar from google on it (I got the 3G one) so I can use it as a basic planner.

    I already have a couple of hundred books on it - all ones that I got for free - and I love that I can take all my scriptures, church manuals, hymnbook, children's songbook, church magazines etc to church and I'm only carrying about a pound in weight! Also, although it cost more, we also got the book cover with the built-in light.... it drains the battery a bit more, but I love it too!

    Hope that helps!

    Now in a couple of years, I just have to convince dh that each of the kids will need one! lol.

  20. Oh, I meant to mention.... I also read the MEP Lesson plan off it while doing math. It is easiest for me to read by telling the Kindle to turn the font sideways - then I can see the whole width of the page in a readable (but still a bit small) size. You can zoom in a PDF, but I want to be able to see both columns without scrolling....
    I understand the Kindle DX makes it VERY readable.... but I wanted the portability (and lower price) of the 6 inch.

  21. Thanks for that info, I'll have to try with Amazon, the thing is I can never get them to post to me?? It keeps saying it can't. Want a laugh, I rang Target to say "Do you sell Kindles?" He didn't know what I was talking about, they do sell ebooks but not the same thing.

  22. Didn't have time to read all of the responses you received, Jeanne, but I thought I'd throw in my two-cents in passing:

    I would run off with the Kindle for a few reasons, first being the e-ink technology that the ipad just cannot provide. E-ink is similar to reading from a IRL bookpage, so there is much less strain to the eyes. Yes, you then cannot read in the dark and such, but still, there's always flashlights, right?

    Also, as I did see someone mention, the Kindle has many popular AO and classic titles for FREE! It's format is universally acknowledged as a must-have for ebooks sellers, too, so if you're looking for a book that's in or OOP, you're sure to find one compatible with the Kindle.

    I'm still wishing for my Nook...which I must have! :)

  23. Jeanne

    I contacted Amazon and they do ship to Australia! What model are you thinking of?


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