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Phillipians 4:4-8

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Lest we forget

Posted by Jeanne

Remembrance Day

On your maypole green
see the winding morris men
Angry Alfie, Bill and Ken
waving hankies, sticks and boots
- all the earth and roots

Standing at the crease
the batsman takes a look around
The boys are fielding on home ground
The steeple sharp against the blue
- when I think of you

Sam and Andy, Jack and John
Charlie, Martin, Jamie, Ron
Harry, Stephen, Will and Don
Matthew, Michael - on and on

We will remember them
remember them, remember them
We will remember them
remember them, remember them

Time has slipped away
The summer sky to autumn yields
A haze of smoke across the fields
Let's up and fight another round
and walk the stubbled ground

When November brings
the poppies on Remembrance Day
when the vicar comes to say
'May God bless them, every one
Lest we forget our sons'

We will remember them
remember them, remember them
We will remember them
remember them, remember them


MommaMindy said...

This was so beautiful, I had never heard it before. Now, I started my day out with tears, but that is good. I am looking for a Veteran's Celebration to take my children to tomorrow. I want them to learn, understand and appreciate our veterans.

Ruby said...

I haven't heard that one either. Thanks Jeannie.
Lest we forget.

Ruby said...

That is of course, Jeanne :-)

Rebecca said...

Lest we forget.

Will be showing this one to my husband, a MK fan :)

Jo said...

The sadness and loss of war.

Sylvia said...

Hi Jeanne

This is not related to your post here. I can't find you at the blogger awards vote - I would vote for you if I could find you. Any ideas on how to find you?

Jeanne said...

Hi Silvia,

They have me down as 'Oh Peaceful Day'. Can you see me now? Thank you for trying :)

Sylvia said...

Found you. Thanks.

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