13 Dec 2010

Great Aussie Christmas Books

  • A Bush Christmas by by Ralph Smart and Mary Cathcart Borer

    Five children head into the wild Warrigal Ranges just before Christmas, looking for the men who stole their father’s valuable mare Lucy and her foal. With the help of Aboriginal friend, Neza, they track the horse thieves through the mountains.

  • Christmas at Longtime by Hesba Brinsmead

    This is my review from last year's post:

    Christmas at Longtime means family time to nine year old Teddy. It means Dad always forgetting to buy Christmas presents; puddings to prepare, almonds to skin, carols to sing, and no more lessons until next year.
    On Christmas morning, the year that Teddy was going on ten, the sun shone pumpkin-yellow, furze-yellow, eggs-and-bacon-yellow. Teddy and Jenny had been warned not to get up too early. But the question was, how early is early, on any Christmas morning? It was all very well for Mother to say presents were not what Christmas was all about. It was all very well for her to say - "It is more blessed to give, than to receive". True enough, giving was pleasant. But it was still blessed, thought Teddy, to receive. To receive was very nice indeed.
  • It Happened One Summer by Joan Phipson

    The story of young English girl's first Christmas in Australia, spent on her uncle's sheep station. Jennifer has a lot to learn. Life is new and strange, but she settles in well, and two gifts under the tree (as it were) help her to feel very much at home. The book is interesting, and Jennifer's life is exciting and active, but it is the approaching bushfire that makes the book very exciting indeed...

    Read my full review here.

  • Bush Christmas by C. J Dennis

    The classic poem written in 1931 paints a picture of an Australian Christmas in the bush - a Christmas still largely influenced by the traditions of 'The Old Country". Read my review and well as the whole poem here.

  • A Joey for Christmas by Margaret Paice

    Sally and Davey are given a joey for Christmas. At first he is happy to drink from a baby bottle and sleep in his fur-lined bag, but then he begins to grows up. One day a huge bushfire sweeps through the valley. The family have to flee for their lives, but Sally will not leave Joey. This lovely book for young readers paints an evocative picture of an Australian Christmas - its heat, its drought and its bushfire. It is a great addition to our Basket of Delights.

    Six White Boomers by Rolf Harris and Bruce Whatley

    Don't cha just gotta sing Six White Boomers? This book comes with a great CD containing Rolf's songs, 'Christmas in the Sun' and 'Pavlova' as well.


  1. What an excellent collection of books and I hadn't heard of any of them!!

  2. We just watched "A Bush Christmas" yesterday. The boys loved it and wish they could ride horses to school and go camping on their own, too!


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