6 Dec 2010

Hello there!

There are not one but two Amazon parcels today - one a great big one tied at the neck like a Santa sack. Aren't they just the most excitingest deliveries?!!

I have delightful guests; a sick daughter; an impending flood; a Christmas party for 30 to cater for on Friday; and a locust plague.

Ginger nut bikkies baking in the oven make the whole of our peaceful home smell like Christmas.

Life is good.



  1. My Amazon parcels arrived last week!! Yay! :)

    An impending move, an overseas trip, a very quiet Christmas with no bells and whistles this year. New books to read. Did I mention an impending move? No locast plague for us, but a dust plague is looming (the cause being moving), no floods our way as yet ..... but who knows what all this rain will bring next week? Lots of little problems to iron out due to MOVING .......

    and yet life is, well fun. Would'a thought? And God is good.


  2. lol I think I am losing what is left of my mind but what Star is doing will be such a blessing to so many I really should stop complaining. *sigh* I look forward to being made perfect. It will be such a nice change!

  3. The kids are about to sample the bread they've just baked ... I'm attempting to go gluten-free so will limit my indulgence in this treat. It smells SOOOO good!

    Otherwise ... we're trying to restore energy and order, which were thrown into chaos by Miss 5's doozy tantrums (apple juice the likely culprit). And a dip in my already low energy (not to be confused with inspiration, which is high as ever). So this week: painting art for Christmas cards, impromptu Knights unit study continues, enjoy Mr 6's current enthusiasm for reading, maths and phonics. Survive, pray and love.

    I was thinking about you with the impending things you mentioned ... hope you fare well!

  4. I am waiting on many parcels to arrive. I only hope they will all get here before Christmas.

    I hope Jemimah is feeling better soon.

  5. oooh, book parcels are the BEST! Hope Jemimah recovers quickly! xx

  6. PARCELS I love parcels, very exciting I have Book Depository arriving today!!

  7. I agree that those parcels are the most excitingest deliveries:)
    yea I was thinking of you and all my relatives in Vic when I heard about the locust plague on the news yesterday! my my! you Victorians have been having a rough time of it all:(

  8. Hoping MY Amazon Christmas shopping arrives today. Want a sneak peak at Jay-Z [my son's gift], but have to put the Duchess of Devonshire and the last of Edmund Morris' TR aside till I unwrap them Christmas morning. I saved Mom the trouble and expense and bought her gifts to me for her! She loved it!

  9. Got my first Amazon delivery today! Yippee! And what was it....??? A BOOK for my nephew for Christmas!

  10. My daughter recently started learning Spanish in addition to some of the other languages she's picked up (Tagalog and Mandarin), so I order Matthew Gollub's Jazz Fly 2: The Jungle Pachanga from Amazon. It's a great read and comes with a soundtrack.

  11. I love book boxes! I'm getting ready to put in my first big school book order, and I'm already so excited about getting it, and they're not even bought yet!


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