15 Dec 2010

Listening to...


And reflecting upon how silly we Aussies are when it is 30°C outside and Jemimah is in the swimming pool and we are battling a plague of locusts.

Nice though, isn't it?


  1. What beautiful scenes of winter. We really haven't had any summer yet, with all this rain it has been much cooler than other years and we are still using a blanket on the bed at night and I have been wearing cardies in the evenings. Looking forward to summer arriving!!

    Are those bugs causing much damage??

  2. Beautiful! Btw, its a balmy 5 degrees F here in Indiana!!!

  3. While I did hear on NPR this morning that some fools went SURFING in Lake Michigan, here we have parkas zipped up, fuzzy boots on and hot drinks at hand!

  4. Is that really worse than the 1*F windchill we are experiencing here?

    Fingers are so cold I can bAreLy TyyyPe.

  5. Very Nice. :)

    This has been our first taste of summer this week, I think. My youngest daughter is tanning nicely (she is an outdoor girl - why by indoors when you can rightyly be without!), I can hardly recognise her.

    No locust plague here this week - just hot sweltery storm-brewing summer days.......I wonder what next week will hold for us all, weather wise?

  6. I was just telling Richele that it's been four years since I've seen snow or even felt a chill...

    gotta love the jungle :)

  7. Love Loreena McKennitt! The girls and I have been discussing how different Christmas is for you and Jemimah, south of the equator. Himself spent Christmas in South Africa with a friend (right before he and I got engaged) and went cherry-picking one day! That's strange for us. Enjoy the pool!

  8. Oh, hasn't she got talent?!
    We're Loreena McKennitt fans too. :)

    My folks just came home from a long trip up the east coast to visit my sisters and told us the stories about all the locusts. No sign of them in our immediate vicinity, but apparantly they're not too far away.


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