18 Dec 2010

Things to do today

  • Find the Christmas T-shirt.
  • Visit Santa and David the Talking Tree in his Magical Cave at DJs.
  • View the 2010 Myer Windows. The Nutcracker theme sounds promising.
  • Buy last minute presents for a six-year-old nephew and twelve-year-old niece. (any ideas appreciated).
  • Lunch at the Pancake Parlour.
  • Find a few stocking stuffers.
  • Order the turkey and ham.
  • Remember my hairdresser's appointment at 3pm.
  • Grab new edition of ku:nel from Mr Kitly (Note to self: It is not appropriate to buy yourself a gift one week before Christmas. Do not look at anything else.)
  • Collect IKEA Gingerbread House from my brother's for Jemimah to assemble and decorate.
  • Read a chapter or two of our Christmas read-alouds.
  • Sleep.
Okay. Step one: Need coffee. Two maybe. Perhaps everything else will fit into place after that...

Who else is silly enough to be venturing into the city on the weekend before Christmas? What do you have to do today?


  1. Jeanne, this comment has nothing to do with this post but gotta say it. You're driving me nuts with all those lovely books on the sidebar and your book plugs by Aussie authors. You get me excited about a book, I jump over to our library website and low and behold . . . They don't have it! So frustrating. One of these days when I'm rich I'll just buy every book you've ever raved about. Love hearing about the books, though. Just wish I could see them.

  2. ME! Off to buy Chrissy pressies and some stocking fillers, to buy an ipod for my eldest - her birthday is just after Chrissy, to buy a pair of runners for self as I've promised my daughter that I will start running with her, to check out gps units for our landcruiser, and possibly a pasta machine for hubby who loves to cook. Phew. Wish me luck! No coffee yet, but I will enjoy a chai latte at Gloria Jeans. :)

  3. Sounds exciting! Our guests have just left, a huge storm front has just hit and I am about to go and clean one of our studio apartments after a couple from the UK stayed last night! Then I just might have another coffee! xxx

  4. Oh, I love the polichinelle children!

    Well, I just finished watching 'Anna and the King' and now I'm heading off to bed.

    Enjoy your day!

  5. I bought the ham and turkey today. Presents all done (last ones done on Friday) and wrapped. Veggies to buy later in the week. Sorting out menus. Finally felling organized. Making it a little more tricky.....I work right up to Christmas eve so I need to be organized.

  6. *SIGH* I love Christmas....even all it's busyness! Merry Christmas my friend. Hope you and your family have an amazing time over this Christmas season. xoxoxo

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