31 Dec 2010

Top 10 books from 2010

I thought it might be a bit of fun to write down a list of our top 10 grown-up reads in 2010. Keen? You can never have too many book recommendations, after all.

Here's my somewhat eclectic list:

So that's my list. I'm currently reading (and loving) Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood. What's on your list? What are you reading? I'd lurve to know!!


  1. I'm on a Tamara McKinley binge at present. Australian author, I'm currently reading an early Australian series, Oceana. Downside is each of her books have a brutal scene, otherwise I'd love to give them to my daughter (17) to read too.

  2. I'm enjoying some classics at the moment. Just finished Christy, Catherine Marshall and now onto Emma, Jane Austen. And oh I do love The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, definitely a fave of mine.

    Have been very tempted by the Kobo reader and the iPad after reading your blog, watching videos and speaking with my sister-in-law who's in love with her Kobo. Did Santa surprise I wonder?

    Happy New Year to you Jeanne, typed as I am watching fireworks in Sydney on telly.

  3. The children and I haven't done any reading since the school holidays started. We finished Trixie Belden Mystery in Arizona (number 6) just before the holidays started. Next year we are going to start reading the narnia series. Really looking forward to reading them all especially the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

  4. Oh,thank you for sharing! I promptly copied your list and look forward to checking out some of these from our local library.

  5. Happy New Years! Here’s to a fabulous new year!

  6. probably not a "grown-up" book, but I'm reading "Twice Freed" by Patricia St John. Excellent.

    Happy New Year :)

    I can't believe that I have not read a single book since this lot of holidays began. Honestly, things are just tooooo hectic!

  8. I have just started The Distant Hours by the Australian author Kate Morton. I have enjoyed h two other books. Just finished reading The Tudor Housewife and found it fascinating.

    I haven't read anything on your list, I will need to have a closer look and see what I might like.

  9. I've just had six days camping and I think camping at the beach is for reading so I've just had a lovely reading session. I've read 2 of the books from your list this year - both because of posts you'd written. One was 'Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress' which I enjoyed though I thought it a bit sad, (actually alot sad in the end) The other one was 'The Uncommon Reader' which I read this past week - I put it on my trash pile. Sorry.

    I'm not sure you'll enjoy the same books as I do but here are the ones from this year that I've enjoyed the most. (Not necessarily in a 1- 10 favourite listing)

    'The Tin Ticket' Deborah J Swiss - historical story of several convict women transported as convicts to Tasmania.

    'Property of Tom Parker' Stewart Wells - this isn't actually published yet. I preread it this week for my brother-in-law who is writing it - it's a historical novel also set in Tassie but different from the last one.

    'Walking in this world' Julia Cameron - this is a guide to release your creativity but its also a good read.

    'Pretties' and 'Specials' Scott Westerfield These are from a triology the first is 'Uglies' but I only read the 2nd and 3rd. Fantasy written for teens.

    'Legs up and Laughing' Vanessa Bates - very funny look at one woman's journey to become a mum

    'Last Child in the Woods' -Richard Louv - why your child needs to be outside

    '100 mile diet' Alisa Smith and M B Mackinnon

    'North of Capricorn' Henry Reynolds
    more history!

    'Made From Scratch' Jenna Woginnch - a modern back-to-the-land story/guide

  10. Oh and I read 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie' last year. Beautiful book - sad that the author died having just begun her writing with this one book.

  11. Among my 2010 readings a favorite would have to be a re-read of
    "Won't Let You Go Unless You Bless Me."

    This is a collection of essays by Andree Seu on everyday grace following the death of her husband. She writes for WORLD magazine and since her editorial is usually found near the end, I start the magazine from the back.

    Happy 2011 Reading!

  12. What a delightful blog you have. I shall spend lots of time treasure-hunting through your posts =)

    I am an artist, and a lover of animals and faeries. I don;t know many faerie artists; the one I do know is Kate Greenaway and I love her pictures. I love old children;s literature, for it can transport me to a lovely places where I wish I could be.

  13. This being my first year embracing Charlotte Mason, really catching on to the idea of living books, this year has been a reader's wonderland. Dickens. Alcott. Austen. C.S. Lewis (nonfiction). Tozer. Wonderful stuff. And the children's classics have been just as satisfying. Heidi. Five Little Peppers. Big Susan. Twig. The Crow books by L. Leslie Brooke. The Rageddy stories. Pooh. I would love to read some Aussie books (you've picqued my interest), other than Mem Fox and a handful of other picture book authors. Would love to read the Magic Pudding and others by Norman Lindsay. Wish more were published here in the USA.

  14. AngelArtiste, check out Elsa Beskow. She has fairies in some of her books. And one of my favorite "fairie" books is In Fairyland by Richard Doyle.

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  16. Jeanne: I read almost no fiction these days except for YA stuff ~ so yeah, I've read the Uglies Sylvia mentioned. lol Presently reading 2 on prophecy & Pen's on Simplicity ~ anything that does not relate to mammoth musical works by manic genuises! lol

  17. I'm sorry to confess, I am totally ignorant of all 10 books. LOL

  18. I hope you are staying safe. That is horrible about the flood.

  19. Thanks, J's mom. We are fine here - the floods are up in Queensland. Ruby from Mumma's Place is right in the middle of them though.

  20. I'm trying to decide on my "Must-Read Book" from 2010 for my blog post. I loved Gurnsey and Uncommon Reader. Will take a look at your other picks!


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