6 Jan 2011

AO4 Term 1 Folksongs

Snowy River Roll

Snowy River Roll

Bill Lovelock

Give me a man who's a man among men,
Who'll stow his white collar and put down his pen.
We'll blow down a mountain and build you a dam,
Bigger and better than old Uncle Sam!

Roll! Roll! Roll on your way!
Snowy River roll on your way!
Roll on your way until Judgement Day!
Snowy River roll.

Sometimes it's raining and sometimes it's hail,
And sometimes it blows up a blizzardly gale.
Sometimes there's fire and sometimes there's flood,
And sometimes you're up to your eyeballs in mud!

Give me bulldozers and tractors 'n' hoses,
'N' diesels to ease all my troubles away.
With the help of the Lord and good Henry Ford
The Snowy will roll on her way.

Don't bring your sweetheart unless she's your wife,
For here you must follow a bachelor life!
When woman is woman, a man is a fool!
Y' get much more work from a bow-legged mule.


  1. In my head I hear a group of rugged, burly men heartily singing this! :o)

  2. Melissa, if you click on the orange hyperlink you'll see them doing it as well!!

  3. Looks like you've got a good term in store :)


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