17 Jan 2011

No words

Image from the Herald Sun

No words; no news...


  1. All I can think is thank God you are all safe. Let us know if you need anything, please. xo

  2. No words here either :-)
    Hugs instead xoxo

  3. oh Jeanne I don't think there are any words for that :-(

    I was thinking after your post the other day about all your beautiful books and wondering if you took any with you or if they are flooded and wondering if once you are back home if I could help out with books for you and Jemimah??? I want to be able to do something to help!!

  4. Jeanne, I am thankful you and your family are safe. My my, oh my! There are no words. I am so sorry. I just cannot imagine. It's hard to think of you facing this. Big hugs and lots of concern over what you are going through.


  5. Jeanie,
    I am so sorry to hear of this trial for you and the town of Charlton. From experience I know how hard it is to lose the things that tell stories about your family and life. In all of this God is good and He will provide! I will pray that the damage isn't too horrible.

    It does take time but new memories are made and new objects are found that tell the story of who you are.

    Please let us know as a church family if there is anything we can do to help your family and the church in Charlton.

    Grace and Peace

  6. Whoops, sorry Jeanne, not Jeanie. I am always mixing your name up : -/

  7. Sending love and praying for you all. How's Jemimah faring? Your mind must be racing.

  8. Praying for you and your family.

  9. so sorry Jeanne. There are no words when you see a picture like that. I will be praying and please please do let us know if there is anything at all you need.

  10. Praying for you, your loved ones, and your country....

  11. Sending prayers to all my aussie friends.that this may be over soon and the damage not as bad as it looks...... Hugs from south texas.. Birgit

  12. Oh dear. Sweetie, I hope you own gumboots. Birkies will be no good in the clean up. If you don't have some, borrow some from whomever will give them before you go home: there is not a pair available for any amount of money here in QLD...

    It's horrid, wretched, awful and scary and grievous, but remember, He who watches over you will not slumber. He is not taken by surprise!

    Mrs BB

  13. I am speechless here, too, Jeanne. I saw in your banner today: The Infinity of God. Hold tight to that truth, dear one.

  14. Can't imagine. Praying you are all safe.

  15. Mrs BB, I do have gummies. You would approve - they are shiny red! Jemimah is safe with Mum. We couldn't bring her home to this. Thanks all for caring...and praying.

  16. Coming over here form my Sarah's blog. I'm so sorry. I am praying for you. Again, i am sorry this had to happen.
    (((hugs)))and blessings to you,

  17. Coming over from Katia's and Sarah's ...can not imagine the devastation, yet I know that Our Lord knows what is happening...Stay focus, stay complete calm...you and yours are all right! Things can be replaced but you and yours that is where the treasure is!

    Lifting you up in prayer. Allow His peace to wash all of you!


  18. Jeanne,
    sounds like you are back home.
    I am so sorry about all of this:(
    Know that we are here still praying for you all as there is not much else we can do for you at the moment:(

    the 3 R's

  19. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you.

  20. Hi there Jeanne. I've been back at work so I haven't been on the net much but I've been reading the papers and have been thinking a lot about you, your family and your Peaceful Town. It's heartbreaking!

    I read your hubby's article in the paper... I do hope he gets the help he needs there.

    Is there any way I can help? I'll be passing through your area maybe Wednesday next week...

    Strength to you, Jeanne.

    Rebecca xox


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