6 Jan 2011

Putting away Christmas

Why is it that Trimming the Tree is so much fun, and putting Christmas away again is so, well, meh?

Why is it that baubles that fitted so nicely into boxes a month ago, now...don't?

Why have the contents of the Basket of Delights grown exponentially? On second thoughts, don't answer this one. I am so weak when it comes to Christmas books. So weak.

Oh well. Better an addiction to Children's books than...

For those of you that don't celebrate Christmas, A Peaceful Day is now safe until at least November. Only the way I'm feeling right now, I'm inclined to think we might cancel the Trimming the Tree bit and move straight to the putting it away bit next season. Think that would work?

Bah Humbug.

Perhaps I should play some Christmas music and drink some glögg.


  1. I hear you! Ours was even less fun this year with a certain almost-four-year-old wailing in the background, "Nooooo, Mommy, don't take it down!"

    Whew! Glad that's over. Thankfully, the painful parts are forgotten by the next November!

  2. We just took our tree down yesterday, but Christmas stays alive in our hearts! xxx

  3. Ours came down New Year's day. It's a job I hate & the longer it's up the more irrate I get. I really need to rethink this whole thing ~ given a little time & space. I have lots of good ideas...


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