26 Jan 2011

We are Australian

The Australian National Mourning Service for the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires included this special rendition of I Am Australian. Twenty two years after first writing this much loved song, Bruce Woodley wrote two extra verses to reflect on the tragic events of those terrible fires.

As the members of our Peaceful Town gathered together this morning to celebrate Australia Day, we too joined voices to sing. Our version of Bruce's song had also been altered to reflect the feelings of our community.

I'd like to share our modified verses here:

There are no words of comfort that can hope to ease the pain
Of losing homes and loved ones, the memories will remain.
We weep our silent tears and find the strength to carry on
You're not alone. We are with you. We are Australian.

There are so many heroes whose stories must be told
The fought the raging fires and floods, and saved so many souls.
From the depths of deep despair our towns will rise again
We mourn your loss, we will rebuild. We are Australian.
As our townsfolk all sang, tears coursing down our cheeks, I couldn't help but feel that I really was so very glad to be an Australian.

We live in a great country.

Happy Australia Day, friends.


  1. Beautiful song, beautiful words. There's nothing like a town coming together, whether for disaster or fun, there's a feeling of strenth and peace when you all have each other. Happy Australian Day.

    Cindy Bee

  2. Lovely--very touching. Reminds me of how "God Bless the USA" touches so many people. Glad you were able to find a little comfort.

  3. Wasn't expecting saline in my tea this morning, but thank you. I so needed it. Thinking of you often, but not worrying: you are in His good hands. <3

  4. "From the depths of deep despair our towns will rise again
    We mourn your loss, we will rebuild. We are Australian."

    Happy Australia Day Jeanne. xo

  5. Happy Australia day - thinking of you at this terrible time.

  6. Lovely song, Jeanne. And we your blogging friends are with you, too, in spirit. xo

  7. happy Australia day to you too Jeanne.

    This morning I was listening to the radio and they interviewed a couple from your town.

    They talked about help coming from right around the world and about a daughter of a family in Greece organising for the supermarkets to supply food for everyone.

    I really wish you didn't have to endure this. My prayers continue for you and everyone affected by it.


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