22 Apr 2011

Good things to do

It is Easter. Hurrah!! Five whole days with nothing to do but good stuff!! Eat. Read. Sleep. Laugh. Good stuff.

Here's a sampler of what we'll be doing. What about you?


I'm reading Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson. My good friend, Hopewell Mom tells me that if you liked As Time Goes By, which I did, or The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, which I definitely did, or Shadowlands, which I really enjoyed, or 84, Charing Cross Road, which I loved, then you should definitely give the Major and Mrs Ali a try. So I am.

Also on my reading list, to satisfy the curiosity of Richele, who tried to identify the titles from a photo earlier in the week, is Rose Tremain's The Road Home, Faulks on Fiction by Sebastian Faulks, of course, and the latest edition of Kateigaho magazine. G K Chesterton's The Wisdom of Father Brown and The Reformed Faith by Loraine Boettner are on my Kindle.

Hubby is reading Patricia Cornwell's Scarpetta, and some boring stuff for work. He's also trying to catch up on his Bible reading. He's using the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan this year.

Jemimah is reading Lucy Boston's The Castle of Yew. Our current bedtime read aloud is The Magician's Nephew by C S Lewis. This is a terrific book for reading aloud, because Lewis always ends each chapter on a real cliff hanger. "Awwww...You can't stop there!!!"


I'm still working on my Grannie Stripe Cushion. I tried to take a photo to show you yesterday, but the camera battery was flat. Typical. Soon, I promise. Jemimah is working on Bennett Blanket.


To the incredibly haunting voice of Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu on his new album, Rrakala.


We've been munching on those cute little speckledy candy coated chocolate Easter eggs all week. They're too good to save for only one day a year, and besides, you need to get in some chocolate eating practice before the big day, don't you? Hot Cross Buns for brekky this morning, Anzac bikkies throughout the day, and plenty of chocolate on Sunday. As you do. Yum. I love Easter!!!!!


Thai food with my best friend, Kerrie, last night. A barbie with NWBingham and his gorgeous family tomorrow night, and dinner with Mr and Mrs Adept on Sunday. Hoping to catch up with Jeana Marie on Sunday as well. Sarah and Jen are in Melbourne as well this weekend. Wouldn't some time spent with them make the hols just perfect? Far from making me more cloistral, confined, hermetic, hidden, insulated and reclusive, blogging has enriched my social life in a myriad of ways. Love you, bloggy pals.


Those who died that we might live in peace. We'll be heading to the Dawn Service at the Shrine on Monday. Will you remember them too? Lest we forget.


Doesn't sound like I'm going to have much time for this, does it? So far, so good though. Five days is really quite a long time for fitting good things into, you know.

Happy Easter, dear friends. Are you doing any good stuff over the break?


  1. Sounds so lovely! Happy Easter to you, hubby and Jemimah from the
    3 x R's

  2. You sound busy - enjoy :)

  3. Jeanne, I loved, loved, LOVED Major Pettigrew! I so hope you do, too. And 84, Charing Cross Road sits on my shelf awaiting me. Since I just finished I Capture the Castle, I think I'll read that next. I also adore those candy coated chocolate eggs. Delish!

    Miss Priss and I attended our church's Tenebrae service tonight, and tomorrow, the girls and I will be coloring Easter eggs. After Sunday service, we're off to my folks' for Easter dinner. Celebrate!

  4. Dear Jeanne,

    You sound good! I was keeping up with you until things unraveled over here, but coming back to visit you today, you sound good and happy and I am so thankful you all are okay! Thanks for your visit and sweet words. xoxo Lynn

    PS -- I love the rippling blanket you made! Lots of ripples. LOL.

  5. What a sweetie to post those reads.
    Our family is gathered far away from here so I try to keep myself from calling them three times a day.

    Sounds like a relaxing five days.

    He is risen!

  6. My girls were at Easterfest in Toowoomba & got flooded out. Star was so excited but Liddy is rather pleased to be home with a dry bed! lol We aren't doing Easter but we are keeping Passover & remembered Christ in the Seder. And we do chocolate, just not milk chocolate eggs but ordinary rich dark choc just because it's yummy. ☺ And I am reading, reading, reading ~ which you know! ☺ Today I am going to drag out my oils & paint. Why not, hey. we're on hols. Funny thing about blogging. All my friends live in my computer. lol Hope you guys have a lovely relaxing time. ♥

  7. It was super lovely to have you over for dinner. :o) A beautiful way to end our last days here in Melbourne. :o)

  8. Off to look into some of those books...


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