12 Apr 2011

Top Ten Christian Movies? Ummm

So I thought it would be easy to write a list of the ten top Christian movies - that is, films about an overtly Christian character, or with an obviously Christian storyline. But it is not. It is not easy at all. Not in the least. Anyhow, this is where I'm at:
  1. Amazing Grace

  2. Luther

  3. Chariots of Fire

  4. Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

  5. The Hiding Place

  6. The Cross and the Switchblade (only it is more than 30 years since I last saw this film. It may be terrible now...)

So what would you put in the other four spots? And why?

  1. Fireproof (with its dreadful acting)?

  2. The Other Side of Heaven? (but the Missionary is a Mormon, for goodness sake)?

  3. The Mission (about the Jesuits in South America)?

  4. The Passion of Christ (What do those of you who have seen it think of this film?)

  5. Babette's Feast?

  6. Ben Hur?

  7. Dead Man Walking?

  8. Shadowlands?

  9. Faith like Potatoes?
Please do tell me what you think!! I reckon this could be really interesting, if you all get involved. Go on then!! Have your say!


  1. I absolutely loved The Mission, very powerful. The Passion, planning on watching this again next week before Good Friday. Very raw, very moving, I don't watch it every year but I'm nearly ready to watch it again.

    To be honest I found Chariots of fire very slow. Haven't heard of all of your others.

  2. I'll look forward to seeing what films people suggest here :)

    Have you seen A Walk to Remember? Not really in the same field as some of those you've mentioned, I'm sure, but it's a good film, and it provides for some great discussion about living out our faith, life choices etc (especially for young people).

  3. I haven't Rebecca, but the trailer looks marvellous! Thanks for the suggestion!

    Keep 'em coming, folks!

  4. Fireproof and Faith Like Potatos have good messages, but you do have to get through a lot of bad acting and too much shouting at the beginning to reach the good.

    My all-time favourite is Inn of the Sixth Happiness starring Ingrid Birgman. It is the story of Gladys Alward, a single missionary in China. Amazing, in my opinion.

    Here is the trailer...


    And, what about the Sound of Music? I realize God is not fully spoken of, but he is absolutely present. I appreciate the role Maria takes on as the captain's wife, supportive and respectful.

  5. After re-reading your post, I see why The Sound of Music did not make the cut. It is not overtly Christian.

    By the way, thinks for making this list. There are a few movies I have not seen or heard of.

    Also thought I'd throw this idea out there. Our church library is a great resource for good movies. The project was taken on by a young couple who wanted good movies for their family. We never go to the video store anymore, because everything we'd want to see is available in our church library. It's an idea anyone could develop in their own church and bless many families with.

  6. I'll add the new movie Soul Surfer to your list. It just opened last week, and my family saw it. It's the story of a teenage surfer who suffers a shark attack and then returns to surfing. The family is Christian and their faith plays a role, but it's an overtly Christian movie. The girl is a homeschooler, too, but that is also understated rather than overt. Here's a link to the trailer:

    (By the way, I wouldn't bring kids younger than about age 8 to the movie. The shark attack scene isn't the main focus of the movie, but it is included and could be too intense for a young child. My 9yo boy was fine with it. My 12yo girl LOVED the movie as did her friends. Many cool surfing scenes!)

  7. I would like to add "End of the Spear" to your growing list.

    "The Mission" gets my vote as it is impossible to listen to Ennio Morricone's score and not believe in God.

  8. Loved The Passion until the last few scenes when Mel's odd beliefs got the better of his movie making sense but still very good. After all they were brutal times & as the old saying goes Christ was crucified on a cross between 2 thieves, not on an alter between 2 candlesNot all my kids liked this. I have some with issues about any actor depicting Christ. See their point, don't necessarily agree.

    Inn of the 6th Happiness Could watch Ingrid Bergman forever. She is absolutely exquisite ~ & she could act too!

    What about some of the older movies? Bing Crosby spent a lot of time playing priests ~ as did Spencer Tracey. , The Nun's Story,Friendly Persuasion....lots of oldies but goodies.

  9. Bells of St Mary's disappeared as I posted. :(

  10. I do not have anything to add- wish I did. But very glad that you have this post up. I haven't watched very many Christian movies. I've seen Fire Proof and yes, if you can get past the acting, it's a great movie. Now I'm interested to see many of these others. Luther looks like it may be up my alley. I enjoyed learning about him not long ago. Thanks for the list! And to all that are contributing to it.

  11. PLEASE not Fireproof!!

    Shadowlands about CS LEWIS

    End of the Spear about Nate Saint

    Dietrich Bonhoffer--can't spell his name and can't recall the real name of the film right now.

    A Man Called Peter about Peter Marshall

  12. I loved fireproof and a walk to remember is awesome.

    What about Pilgrims progress and Christiana? Also there is all the 'Left Behind series'!

    Ben hur is definitely one of my top picks expressing Gods amazing love!


  13. I think Ben Hur was a goodie. What about the old Ten Commandments? It was years ago that I saw it mind you. Chariots of Fire definitely has a good message - especially nowadays when so many Christians do not stand their ground on the keeping of the Lord's Day.
    We don't watch many new "Christian" movies. I am a bit concerned they will end up being like a lot of modern "Christian" books. They are labelled Christian, but often have very weak theology, and also weak literary quality. Please, I'm not meaning to sound like a snob, but I think we can do a lot better.
    I would love to see a series like Mr Pipes (and the hymns of the Reformation etc...) made into a series for kids.
    The Narnia movies are good, but I think they are being "Hollywood-ized" too.
    I would love to see the Gladys Aylward movie.

  14. I love Chariots of Fire, and Amazing Grace was good. I put off seeing the Passion for several years. I just wasn't sure if I wanted to with all the controversy, but hubby and I finally watched it last year on Good Friday, and we both bawled most of the way through it. He disliked the way Mel chose to portray Satan, but other than that, thumbs up. I know not everyone agrees - just my two yen.

    Someone mentioned Bing's priest movies. His movie "Going My Way" is one of my all time favorites - just a very sweet, heartwarming film. I believe his character in that film is the same priest in Bells of St. Mary's, which I really want to see, but can't seem to find over here.

    I just saw The Mission for the first time recently. Beautiful film, also made me bawl - I love that kind!

  15. Have you ever watched "I am David" it is a beautiful story (see link) about a young boy and his quest to find his mother. It is sad and moving and had me in tears but so worth watching. this is not a Christain film as such.

    The story about the Amaish school shooting Amazing Grace(?) is another one I would add to the list.

  16. Well I wish I could add to the conversation but the only one I've seen is the Passion. I thought it was good. Thanks for the list.

    Cindy Bee

  17. I watched The Mission many moons agao but Richele is right about Ennio Morricone's score. I was a teen and ran out and bought the cassette. I actually thought the Passion was a powerful but seemed to leave the most important part of Jesus Story, the resurrection very dry and quick at the end. I wouldn't let children watch it though, but some scenes would be ok. I loved it when they showed Jesus growing up and teasing his mother and when he made a tall table with chairs to match which were uncommon.
    I'd like to see Faith Like Potatoes. I actually own it for some reason and it's just waiting for me to remember. My child side loved the Narnia movies.
    What did you think of The Passion Jeanne?

  18. LOL - I just laughed when I saw that Fireproof had "dreadful acting" because hubby and I were only just talking about this super recently and I said how the acting was pretty bad. LOL

  19. You should add Lion of Judah to your list. Its actually going to be shown at the Golden Globes which is a huge deal for the Chrsitian Entertainment WOrld! woot!http://freedomist.com/2011/04/christian-movie-to-get-golden-globe-and-oscar-consideration/

  20. Jeanne,
    We really liked A Man Called Peter. What amazing faith he had!


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