5 May 2011

French fun and games

Jemimah and I have had a lot of fun at Genikids over the holidays. Despite being designed for French kids aged 3-7, there is plenty of fun here for my Aussie 9 year old to enjoy, playing educationally based games divided into three categories: Learning, Creativity and Intelligence.

The video gives you an idea of what the site is like:

Unfortunately, you must subscribe to access most of the site, but there are a number of free games available as well, and that's what we've been enjoying this week. When you first log on you can access only the "Jeux Gratuits". These give you an idea of what the site offers. To access all the free games you need a free subscription, an "Inscription Gratuite", and if you want access to the whole site you'll need to "S'Abonner" We just have an "inscription gratuite."

It is important that foreign language learning remains relevant and fun if I want my daughter to continue to enjoy learning. Fun songs, stories and games help to bring a language alive, and Genikids has been helping me with that this week.

Tell me what you think. Do you have any favourite French educational websites? Do share.


  1. I don't have any favourite sites, but I was wondering if you've come across any French sites that include something like Starfall.com? My kids (3 and 5) have been loving it, and it occurred to me that they'd all really enjoy the same sort of thing in French:-)
    I'm really inspired by all your French folksong links:-)


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