17 Jun 2011


Just lost a whole post!!

I don't have time for this stuff!

Meh...computers - who needs 'em?

Maybe I'll try again later.

Perhaps nobody is still reading my blog anyhow. I never post anymore anyhow.

Need coffee.



  1. Ha ha! I love your posts....even this one. I love your authentcity most. Enjoy your coffee. How fustrating to lose a whole post! xo

  2. :( oh dear.
    I'm still reading, but I'm something of a nobody, so perhaps nobody's reading, after all. Anyway, you're posting much more often than me!

  3. Keep posting! Just love reading your posts!
    Butter Fly

  4. Oh we're reading! Not to guilt-trip you into continuing your posts, but you were the first person who introduced me to Ambleside Online. I started following your blog last year, and I have no idea where I found you, but you've been in my Google Reader ever since and I never miss a post. We are doing AO this year for the very first time and thanks to you, we're very excited to get started!

  5. I love your blog. Now I am curious as to what the post was about....

  6. Does someone need a hug...c'mon give us a hug, c'mon (if you knew me well you would be laughing right now!!)
    I too can be a nobody.

  7. I read both your facebook and your blog and love them both - keep up the great work. Sad that you lost your whole post.

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend:)

  8. It's frustrating to lose a carefully written piece! I hope the coffee helped. I'm still here, also good at feeling invisible, and always enjoying your candid writing about books, home and beautiful things. I can see from the comments you get that a lot of people are encouraged by your writing and care about you.

    P.S. My 5 year old now knows what 'Aaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh' spells!

  9. That is SO frustrating! I know firsthand as well!
    Hope you enjoyed your coffee immensely!!!

  10. You have a wonderful blog. It is a joy to read. Please know your words are a help and inspiration to many.


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