1 Jun 2011

How we both win at Scrabble

Jemimah and I play a lot of Scrabble. Do you know why?

Because we both win every game. That's why.

Discover how we manage this in the latest Literacy Lava, out today.

The 9th edition of this great free mag is literally bubbling over with great ideas for helping our kids build their reading, writing...and spelling skills. I particularly like Rebecca Newman's ideas for mapping - we will definitely be embracing our inner pirates around here this week. Joyce Grant and Jen Robinson's reasons why adults should read children's literature offer food for thought as well.

Grab your free copy right now. Perhaps you'd like to discover your inner pirate as well!

While you're over at the fantasmagorical Book Chook's site, pick up a copy of her mini e-book, Literacy in the Playground. It's full of skipping and clapping rhymes, chants and songs and it is really good nostalgic fun. I reckon it is anyhow!


  1. I LOVE rhymes and chants, even the slightly naughty playground ones. That strong rhythm really helps with reading and appreciation of poetry and ...well, fun!

    Thanks for your great article on Scrabble - I found a huge multiplayer online scrabblish game the other day and thought of you two - http://wordsquared.com/

  2. Thanks for this link! I enjoyed reading the free magazine:)
    we used to play 'form a word' 'junior scrabble' etc when Rebekah was younger and that along with Starfall etc was a great intro to learning to read I think, you've inspired me to get out our scrabble game! thanks!

  3. (Giggle...) Perhaps Jemimah is just going soft on you!
    Nice to be back xo

  4. Hehe. I love the idea of you both winning. Sounds like the best way to play!

    Lots of lovely memories :o) xx

  5. My first ever "professional" reference question--my first day as a librarian--was to find jump rope jingles (aka rhymes). Before the CLUTZ books came and before the internet- The fabulous FOXFIRE books series had some and I did locate some children's books! What a fun memory! Sadly, I just have teenagers now, no more "CINDERELLA, dressed in yella' went upstairs to kiss a fella' How many kisses did she get?" lol.....

  6. I love to check out your favorites! Thanks as always for the link!

  7. So, I downloaded the issue, expecting to find rules for some kind of cooperative scrabble, but... I take it you mean you both win because Jemimah is learning to spell? Or did I miss it?

  8. Jemimah learns to spell. We get to spend time playing games as a family. Win win!


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