3 Jun 2011

It's a Book

So the final Borders stores will close by the end of July...sad.

Don't know if I find the vid funny either. Bittersweet, maybe. Maybe this day is closer than we think.


  1. Aw, that is a sad thought. I love bookstores. The smell, the new books (although I really love used bookstores, too), and just books in general. I recall when online shopping was first big news and now retailers are trying to direct so many people to the online stores (what with discounts, free shipping, exclusive online deals) that I'm not surprised that it has been difficult to get shoppers to come in to the physical stores.
    The video is definitely a bittersweet one. I laughed at the start but began to think that someday some people may not even read physical books. How sad that would be, indeed.

  2. Shedding a tear....

    I love online book shopping but where will I go to just browse, drool and splurge now? And don't say the library, mine wouldn't know a good book if it fell over it.

    I only go to shopping centres for the bookstores. How will I endure the weekly grocery trip without them? Hmmm...might have to start doing that online too.

    More sobs.

  3. Jeanne,
    Where did you hear this? We've had some of our Borders close this past year, but as far as I know the others are staying open. Online shopping is great, but it still can't replace going to a bookstore.

  4. I am getting off this computer now to read a real book with actual pages. The only problem is that when I read real books I want to leave comments and I can't do that. lol j/k

  5. Even though I love to wander through bookstore I rarely do it these days, my wandering is usually through pages of the Internet then buying on line. However I do love wandering through second hand bookstores and I do hope they are around for some time yet.

  6. I will miss Borders--there are still a few around here, but honestly I buy nearly all of the few books I do purchase these days (as a librarian I'm a huge library user)and will be buying a Kindle soon to "keep up" as both a reader and a librarian. I miss the locally owned bookstore of my youth as much or more--it's so nice to walk in and have someone say "we put this under the counter till you came in again..." and hand me a new treasure! That IS service!! Hope you are ok--you sound so sad....

  7. I am sorry for you losing a favorite book store.

    We've had a number of small independent book stores open here recently - maybe they will make a come back as people begin to long for a deeper connection.

    I honestly don't think books have met their demise. The second-hand stores are expanding their book sections and there are many eager patrons.

    Wonder if the advent of the book made oral storytellers sad? How about yelling crick and nobody returning with a crack?

    btw, we love Lane Smith's illustrations. Have you read "Math Curse?"

  8. We love this book. I've bought a couple for our gift box. It is a gentle reminder of the special place books have in hearts.


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