18 Jun 2011


...I am knitting. What are you up to this wintery Saturday afternoon?


  1. This morning the in-laws came around. FIL helped Hubby with fixing stuff and MIL cut everyone's hair (except mine - I keep mine long).

    Then I spent the afternoon researching spelling programs. I love our oral spelling bee approach (old fashioned without the distracting bells and whistles of the usual homeschool options) but I needed a better resource to select our lists of words from. I think I've found it in Sequential Spelling. I'm a happy Mumma...I hope.

    Plus I can't knit to save my life. I can tat though. I'll do that tonight.

    Tomorrow, after church I think I might iron and listen to a homeschooling audio. What are you Sunday plans?

  2. You mean on this muggy, rainy day? I'm baking for some odd reason. I think that would be better suited to your weather!

    There was a trip to the hospital to see my rheumatologist, darling daughter's organ lesson at the church, and back home to reading aloud while kids washed dishes, and now baking. All in all a productive Saturday.

    Can I please visit you so that I can enjoy the cool weather while you teach me to knit. Oh, how I wish I really could!

  3. I wish you could too, dear Sue.

  4. We've had flooding around our district, so we went 4WD up to a lookout near us and took in the scene from above it was amazing . We also hiked to Thunderbolts cave hideout up in Clarence Town. a wonderful afternoon of freshness from the Australian bush after the rain.

  5. Hello everyone! It is a beautiful day here in Pennsylvania! Summer here has just about begun! Jeanne, when I saw you were knitting....I must admit, I am a bit jealous. I LOVE knitting...and I usually do it in the Winter. But there is no reason I can't pick it up in a different season now is there?! Your knitting is beautiful!
    Also, thanks for ALL of your encouragement in doing MEP. We are SO excited!

  6. Oh, great. Now I want to do some handiwork instead of housework.

  7. OOoh, such perty wool!

    I've been knitting too: a vest for my son.

    Today started early with my daughter and a friend (sleepover!) waking at the crack of dawn and the giggles set in.
    The girls had a lovely day, having been out and about for most of it.

  8. It's warm here! We have the air conditioning on. I hope your winter is better than the one I had. I'm not knitting or crocheting right now, but wish I was. We're building our own house, so we've been very busy this summer with that.

    Cindy Bee

  9. On this breezy & warm late-spring day, I'm working :( and then running off to bring a phone to my lovely, who's in the Big City with 119 other dancers! :)

    I cannot wait to hug her, and this excuse will do just fine...

  10. The Noro scarf is a classic. Yours is beautiful! I'd love to make one one day.
    We spent the morning at the Farmer's Market and then lunching and adventuring at the local billabong.

  11. Saturday has gone, but I had an enjoyable afternoon indoors where it was warm (very cold outside). I watched a DVD and had an afternoon nap:). Later in the afternoon I went out with my theatre friends and enjoyed a lovely dinner and show.

  12. Tracey--have a look at Rod & Staff spelling.....

    Jeanne--while you were shivering and knitting we were sweating and swimming. Crazy world!

  13. It was a hot and rainy day here. I mostly spent it working on our lesson plans for next year.


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